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Petronela Otilia's complaint against Eurostar

Petronela Otilia Argetoianu


Eurostar refused to refund London-Paris tickets for 14/11/2015 disregarding our safety.

Complaint against Eurostar

We asked from Eurostar a refund for our tickets London-Paris for 14.11.2015. They refused us and send us to ask help from the traveller insurance provider. Eurostar mislead us on the morning of 14th of November saying that the money can be refunded. It was said on social media and on TV that they do exchanges and refunds. I have some proves. We decided it is safer not to go on the trip. When we contacted Eurostar later that day for the refund they said No refunds, they changed their mind. France was in national mourning for tree days. It would be the decent thing for Eurostar to refund the money to the people who do not want to travel there during this period and can not book tickets at a different time, as our situation is. It is nor fair for us that you force us to travel in Paris, declared a war zone by French President. Once again, we believe would be ethical for Eurostar company to refund the money at least to the people who decided not to travel between 14 and 17th of November 2015.

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