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Our nine-point consumer guide to having a blast this New Year’s Eve

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Dec 31, 2015


Anyone can offer wise words about not drinking too much this evening.

Or tell you to gulp down water for every glass of booze you have to prevent hangovers.

(Has anyone actually done this – after a third glass of wine, that is?)

These are the easy tips – the moral high ground stuff almost everyone with a pulse and a bit of party spirit will probably ignore.

But what about more practical, consumer-driven stuff?  That’s what we specialise in here, at A Spokesman Said.


undefined  Get 2016 off to a great start with our 9 tips for anyone heading out this evening.


  1. (If you genuinely are a teetotaller, you can ignore this one). Whether going out or staying in, do eat well before you hit the grog. Even if you’re heading for a party where there’s food, have at least something to eat beforehand. Don’t trust your good intentions, just make sure you don’t start necking the champagne on an empty stomach!
  2. Don’t forget your phone! And that means remembering to fully charge it well before you go out. A phone is not only a convenience – helping you find a venue, for example –  it could, quite literally, come to your rescue: like calling home when you’re stranded in a city centre with no money!
  3. Take your house keys. You’re probably going to be back late, perhaps really late. So, banging on the front door to wake flatmates, partners or neighbours is not going to make you Captain Popular. So, take your keys and make sure they’re safely stowed where you won’t lose them!
  4. Have a game plan. In our experience, just heading out for a few drinks to see where the evening takes you can be a recipe for a pretty lousy night. People book ahead, they buy tickets for things. If you don’t want to be disappointed, and spend valuable partying time in a long queue, then make sure you have a plan and call ahead if necessary to make reservations. Most of all, make sure you know where you want to be and how you’ll get there for midnight.
  5. Plan how you’ll get home. You’ll be amazingly lucky if you have a non-drinker in your party who’s happy to sip fizzy water all night while everyone else makes idiots of themselves and then is willing to ferry everyone home. For everyone else, a bit of organisation will be needed. Plan public transport and order taxis. Don’t assume you can just rely on Uber tonight. Demand is likely to be massive.
  6. Don’t disappear during the evening without letting your party know. It’s important not just to head off into the night or to another wild party somewhere without letting anyone you started the evening with know. Sooner or later someone will realise you’re missing and a little while after that, there’s a good chance the alarm will be raised. All for nothing.
  7. Do watch your stuff. Handbags, phones, wallets, expensive coats – they’re all a great target for thieves; and there are few worse ways to start the year than by having one of these items nicked.
  8. Don’t argue with / shout at / make fun of / challenge bouncers. If he says, “No!” he is not going to change his mind and he’s probably saying it for a very good reason anyway. Plus, he’s almost certainly bigger and more sober than you. Either way, you can’t win. So, don’t try. Just move along, sir.
  9. Finally, if you’re planning to go to the massive firework display in London make sure you’re got a ticket, organisers say, because you won’t get them at the event.


This year, Unicef is linking New Year carousers in London with Hogmanay revellers in Edinburgh and there’ll be spectacular fireworks in both cities. The link up is to show support for child victims of the war in Syria. 

In both capitals, major buildings will be lit in blue to support Unicef’s resolution for children – that includes the Shard, the London Eye, the National Theatre and BT Tower; and in Edinburgh, the National Gallery and the castle. Find #HappyBlueYear on social media.

If you're let down by a company tonight, get in touch with A Spokesman Said - we'd love to hear your story. 



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