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Thousands of Ryanair passengers caught out by backdated extra charges

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Jan 22, 2018

Ryanair has started charging passengers £5 each if they want to take a cabin-sized bag aboard planes.

But for thousands of passengers who booked before the new charge came in on January 15, but who are flying after that date, the cost is a cheeky £6 instead.

The extra pound comes from the fact that if you select ‘priority’ at the time of your booking, you pay £5 and get to take your cabin bag aboard – if you opt for it later, you pay £6

Obviously, if you booked before the charge came in, you couldn’t opt for 'priority' at that time.


No, of course not.

But probably exactly what we’d expect from Ryanair.


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The new rules mean that anyone flying who doesn’t pay the extra charge will have their carry on bags tagged with a yellow label and removed at the gate. They then face a wait on arrival to reclaim their bags.

They can only take on a bag that fit under the seat in front of them.

The priority option is restricted to the first 100 passengers per flight.

 Watch out!

Another little trick the airline pulls for anyone who booked before the charges were brought in – if you update your booking and pay the £6 to take you cabin bag aboard, you receive an email confirming what you’ve done.

It also helpfully invites you to “check in now”.

Click the button and you’ll be taken through the whole check in process, told to enter every traveller’s passport details and so on.

After going through the entire thing, you then get a message telling you that early check in, of more than four days before you’re flying, isn’t available – unless you pay another £3 a passenger!

Nice one!

 Watch out!

Your insurance might not cover you if you do opt not to pay the extra money to take a cabin bag on the plane.

Be aware that some experts warn that travel insurance might not cover you for wallets, key, laptops and other expensive items stored in the hold of the aircraft.

Ryanair says passengers can buy priority boarding up to 30 minutes before a flight departs – so long as it’s still available.

Kenny Jacobs, the airline’s marketing manager, said the new policy was fair, and would speed up boarding, plus eliminate the risk of delays from too many bags being brought on board.

Same old sneaky-charge Ryanair, if you ask us.


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