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We've helped Phillipa get a refund on her hen holiday from hell

Matt Clark
Feb 1, 2018

Some you win..and lose! Phillipa Marino – stranded without a hotel room on a hen holiday with her friends – has won a payout from the firm that left her in the lurch after A Spokesman Said intervened. But she’s still spitting feathers at her treatment.

Holiday Gems – which has form for leaving customers without rooms – says it will give her £139 for the non-existent break she paid £163 for.

Plus £30 for the room she had to pay for after arriving at the Tropicana Apartmentos in Puerto del Carmen, Lanzarote.


Megaphone silhouette

She told us: “Holiday Gems have agreed to fast-track a refund but not for the full amount I paid and nothing to compensate me for the experience.

“Their policies are very unpleasant and evasive when dealing with situations like this.”

(She’s not the first to find Holiday Gems’ customer service lamentable.)

“I cant be bothered having any further dealings with such an impersonal company. I’ll take my losses and put it down to experience.

“But rest assured I’ll endeavour to spread the word at every possible opportunity concerning their lack of concern and after sales attitude.

“Yuck, yuck and triple yuck – never again!”

Holiday Gems has promised that her refund will arrive within 21 days. The cheque's in the post, as they say. We'll be watching...

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