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Result! We get car hire fakers to hand back cash to family it mugged for £370

Matt Clark
Feb 15, 2018

We don’t believe the excuses…but we're pleased to say much-criticised car hire firm Goldcar has agreed to a refund a family £373.62 after trying to rip them off with faked photos and dodgy documents.

Jenna Ward and husband Rob hired a Citroen Picasso which had a broken aerial that needed to be removed plus various bumps and scratches that reps hadn't recorded until the couple pointed them out.

After a prang-free holiday they returned the motor at Valencia Airport – with a full tank of fuel as requested – and dropped off the key.

Surprise, surprise. Days later Goldcar returned their £1419.72 deposit – MINUS £373.62 for the aerial, a scratch (with a photo from a different car) and that tank of petrol.

The couple tried to be reasonable with Goldcar who just replied weeks later it was "satisfied that the damage occurred during the rental period."

We stepped on "gutted" Jenna’s behalf.

And we've just had good news.

Pedro Pablo, from Goldcar, contacted us to say: "We have investigated this case thoroughly for the second time."

Thanks for that, Pedro!
"Mr Ward had stated that the colour of the car on the photographs we have provided was not the same as the color of the vehicle they had. Please allow us to confirm that the pictures we take are always of the car that was used by the client. In this case it was a Citroen Picasso C4. The colour does change sometimes because of the camera's flash."

Yes, but can it add black wheel arches?
"With regards to the charges, we have spoken to the agent that has attended the Ward family and were informed that the car's antenna was indeed removed as she wanted to replace it but, unfortunately, there was no stock.
"As for the damage, after a closer look we have realised that it was a scratch that started on the trunk door and continued towards the wing. The damage on the trunk door was already marked on the check out sheet.
"Being this the case, we have refunded the customer in full. Hope this clarifies things."

It does, Pedro. What you’re saying is that your team cocked up and made the Ward family out to be liars.

And that your first "thorough" investigation was useless.

But we're grateful anyway that you are now refunding them. It's the least you could do.

Some free car hire in future might be a nice gesture…if they could ever even imagine using Goldcar again.

Goldcar was bought last year by car hire giant Europcar and has enough money not to have to resort to dodgy tactics like this.

A Spokesman Said advises you to steer well clear of them when you need a car aboard. And if, like the Wards, you’re leaving your tour operator to book for you, tell them you want to avoid Goldcar.

We love getting money back for victims of dodgy dealers – people like Jenna and Rob Ward. And we can do it for you too. Tell us your story and warn others today. And click the buttons at the top of the page to share this on Facebook, Twitter or via email.