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Cyprus holidaymakers left stranded as airline suspends flying

Eleanor Newis
Oct 19, 2018

Cobalt Airlines collapsed on 17th October 2018, leaving many UK holidaymakers stranded. The airline has so far provided no support or reimbursement.

Cypriot airline Cobalt Airlines has collapsed, leaving many UK tourists stranded due to cancelled flights and wondering where to get refunds.

The company’s website simply says it has indefinitely suspended operations from 11:50pm on 17th October 2018 and will not be resuming flights. The airline’s website is now down, according to the Express.

The press release from Cobalt Airlines states:

"Passengers who have un-flown tickets are instructed not go to Larnaca Airport or any other departure airport tomorrow, 18 October as no Cobalt flights will operate and no Cobalt staff will be present.

For refunds, please contact your credit card provider or Travel Agent."

The many customers due to fly with the airline are receiving no support from them, and are being left to make other arrangements, either to return home or to make it to their holiday destination.

The Cypriot Transport Minister, Vassiliki Anastassiaduo said originally that arrangements would be made to help those who couldn’t get home.

However, he has said on 18th October 2018 that stranded tourists should buy alternative single tickets in Economy class, and then follow up their refund claim later with the Ministry.

All travellers should keep any documentation, such as receipts, for their alternative journeys to support any claims they make.

It is also advisable for all customers to check what their travel insurance will cover in this instance, as this could provide them with reimbursement

Carolina Vincente, a Travel Expert, told the Express that customers should look for ‘Scheduled Airlines Failure Insurance’ in the small print of their contracts. This should mean they are covered for the majority of costs incurred from the Cobalt Airlines collapse.


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