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Brits planning their 2019 holidays risking leaving travel insurance till the last minute

Eleanor Newis
Nov 12, 2018

Research shows that the UK is already planning summer 2019.

New research by Sainsbury’s Bank has found that 5.6 million people in the UK have already booked a holiday for their summer getaway in 2019.

Almost half of the people surveyed chose Europe as their top destination (49%) and 29% were planning a holiday within the UK, making it the second most popular choice.

North America was relatively popular with 8%, Asia took 7% and Australasia 5%. Lots of Brits are planning a beach holiday, with 45% picking this option. However, 26% chose city breaks and 13% will be jumping on a cruise.

However, the research found that although some Brits book their getaways 20 weeks ahead of time, on average travellers wait till only three months before their trip to arrange travel insurance.

16% said they didn’t take out insurance at all. This would leave them exposed to lots of issues that could occur during their break. These could be travel disruptions or medical bills.

A quarter of people said that they held off buying travel insurance so that they could wait for a better deal. Another 14% said that they didn’t have time to organise purchasing travel insurance.

Not buying insurance can mean that if you become ill in another country, you might be faced with large medical bills. It can also mean that if your flight is cancelled, you might have to pay out for another flight, unless your airline reimburses you.

It might seem like a good idea to hold on and wait for a better travel insurance deal before buying. But leaving your insurance to the last minute can lead to you being left out of pocket and with an inadequate policy.

Furthermore, travel insurance usually covers cancellations. This means there is an advantage to buying it before your trip, in case you or any of your fellow travellers become ill or are otherwise unable to come. In this case, you would be able to make a claim rather than losing the money.

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