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Will travel insurance cover Brexit flight disruption?

Eleanor Newis
Jan 11, 2019

How to pick the right travel insurance for holidays after Brexit.

Many families are planning trips abroad soon, but travellers will be wondering if Brexit is going to disrupt their plans and lead to cancelled flights.

One family wrote to This is Money about their plans to visit the US for Easter, the weekend after the UK leaves the European Union. They hoped to fly out either Saturday 30th March or Sunday 31st March. However, they are worried about the impact of a no-deal Brexit on their trip.

These customers wanted to know if their travel insurance would cover any disruption they faced, and how they could pick the best travel insurance policy.

The UK Government has stated flights to and from the US are currently provided by an air service agreement that is in place due to the UK’s membership of the EU. This is the same for the other 16 countries in the agreement.

These flight agreements would lapse after March 2019 and new deals would need to be made. The UK Government have said that ‘replacement arrangements will be in place before exit day’.

The Association of British Travel Agents says: ‘Going on holiday without insurance is a high risk and reminding holidaymakers of this is one of our most important campaigns.’

But how will travel insurance help you in the case of a no-deal Brexit?

One insurance firm, Axa, told This Is Money that customers are unlikely to find themselves out of pocket if they take out the right insurance policy.

He said: ‘As in most cases, travel insurance is the fund of last resort if your airline cannot get you to your destination or there are major delays.’

The UK Foreign Office has said: ‘If you are taking out travel insurance shortly after the UK leaves the EU, you should make sure you understand the terms and conditions of your travel insurance policy. Also make sure the policy is sufficient to cover possible disruption.

‘If you already have travel insurance, your insurer should let you know if there are changes that will affect you after the UK leaves the EU. If you have questions about what your travel insurance policy covers, or whether it covers possible disruption, you may wish to contact your insurer.’ 

This goes for if you’re travelling to the US or anywhere else after Brexit — particularly EU countries. Make sure you pick the right policy to protect yourself against losing cash on your holiday in the event of disruption, and use a price comparison website like A Spokesman Said to make sure you find the right deal for your trip.


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