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Why do Brits end up with the wrong travel insurance?

Eleanor Newis
Jan 24, 2019

Make sure you have the right travel cover.

When the holidaymaker Michael Doyle contracted blood poisoning whilst travelling in Bulgaria in July, his family tried to organise a medical flight in order to bring him back to the UK.

However, his travel insurers refused to pay for the flight and medical bills, saying that his policy didn’t cover him. Three weeks later, Doyle died from kidney failure.

Speaking to the BBC, his father John described how Doyle, ‘only got [travel insurance] the day he got sick with his bad stomach. He took the insurance out, he thought he was covered.’

However, he wasn’t. His father said: ‘They took his insurance details at the hospital and carried on operating on him, two days later the insurance [company] said he wasn’t covered.’

This is why it’s important to buy travel cover before you go away on your trip. The best time to book it is straight after you make arrangements for your trip. Always make sure that you choose the right policy, and don’t just pick the cheapest option, even though the choices can be confusing.

Another thing you should be aware of is that there are increasingly lower age limits on travel insurance policies, so where most premiums used to be given to under-65s, you’ll now find that the prices begin to rise when customers reach 45 or 50.

Limitations on family policies have also tightened and though it used to be easy to find cover for dependent children or students up to the age of 23, these are now often restricted to age 18.

There is intense competition between companies to keep prices as low as possible, to try to ensure that they keep attracting new customers.

This means that the cost of travel insurance has been falling over the years, and it is getting to the point where you can buy an annual, multi-trip policy for only £30.

However, some of the cheaper policies have seen their baggage cover fall from the previous ‘standard’ of £1,500 to £750 or less.

All this points towards the travel insurance market being more complex than simply having falling prices. So, there are still important details to be looked over when choosing a policy, and Brits are often finding the landscape confusing.

So, make sure you use a price comparison website such as A Spokesman Said to ensure you have the right deal for you, and always make sure that you pick your travel insurance before you go on your trip.


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