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Do you need travel insurance for a UK holiday?

Eleanor Newis
Feb 1, 2019



More Brits each year are choosing to stay within the UK for their holiday instead of going abroad — but should you be taking out travel insurance if you’re still in Britain?

Three quarters of adults in the UK have been on or were planning to take a UK holiday last year — and up to 70% in 2016, according to research by Barclays.

Whilst more people are opting for a staycation instead of going to another country, most of these people are not aware that they may need travel insurance for their trip.

Your holiday might be going walking through the Scottish Highlands or heading to the Cornish beaches, but you’ll still need to make sure you’re covered for your time away.

So, do you need insurance?

Lots of UK-based holidaymakers presume that they don’t need any insurance because they’re staying in the same country. But unexpected and costly events can occur, just as they might do somewhere else.

Access to the NHS can mean that insurance isn’t necessary for illness or injury, like it is when you travel abroad. But, additional cover might be needed for other aspects of your trip or someone else who is going with you. This might include the value of stolen luggage or travel delays.

Whether you decide to get travel insurance is your own choice, but you should consider how much you’re planning to spend and what you’ll be doing whilst away. For instance, extreme sports will need more comprehensive insurance than if you’re just going to the beach.

What does UK travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance for staycations covers the same range of possibilities that insurance does when you go abroad. Most polices offer cover for these incidents:


Cancelling your trip can be very expensive and could cause you a lot of stress. You might even lose the cost of the entire holiday, including accommodation and transport.

Insurance helps you get back any money you might lose when you cancel your trip — due to illness, or any other incident. Make sure you read the policy carefully though, as some insurers will only offer you cover after the start date of your holiday.


Travel delays and cancellations


If you’ve booked transport in advance, insurance can help you out if any of it is cancelled or disrupted in any way. This can include ferries, trains, planes or coaches.

You should remember however that transport providers might not have to refund you if they cancel the journey due to factors outside their control, e.g. weather conditions.

Possessions cover

Some travellers assume that their contents insurance will cover them when they go on holiday too. However, while personal possessions cover is designed to protect portable belongings, expensive things such as a mobile phone, bike, or tablet might need separate insurance.

Make sure to read through your policy and check what exactly is covered. Added to this, it’s important to note that claiming on your home insurance might mean you lose your no claims bonus — by having separate insurance, you can prevent the holiday affecting your home insurance.

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