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How to Brexit proof your holiday

Eleanor Newis
Feb 4, 2019

Lots of Brits are becoming increasingly concerned about travelling to countries in the EU for their holidays. The worries typically include wondering what travel insurance will cover, what to do if flights are disrupted, and if they will lose money due to any Brexit-related chaos.

So, here’s what you need to know to make sure you're prepared.

1 Take out travel insurance straight away

You should always be taking out travel insurance when you go abroad, but in the current circumstances it is particularly important. Insurance will give you peace of mind and make sure you’re covered if anything unforeseen should happen.

It’s tempting to leave travel insurance to the last minute, but from a legal perspective its better to get it as soon as you can. Your insurance policy might cover you from the day you take it out, and therefore will help you out if your trip is cancelled.

If you leave it till a few days before your flight, you’re risking losing the full cost of your holiday if it’s cancelled for any reason.

2 Make sure the insurance fits your needs

Lots of people just go for the cheapest deal or the first travel insurance policy they see. Whilst taking out a cheap policy is better than no policy, you should make sure that the insurance actually fulfils your needs.

If you’re doing extreme sports, check if this is covered for example. If you have an existing medical condition, look for insurers that will include this.

It can be confusing to pick the right policy, but by using a price comparison site like A Spokesman Said you should be able to find exactly what you need. Not only will this help with Brexit, it’s also just good for saving money whenever you go away, as you won’t end up buying a policy that include a lot of things you don’t need.

3 Use package holidays

Increasingly, travellers don’t like to use package holidays, preferring instead to shop around for flights, accommodation and activities separately. Whilst this can cut costs, you can run into more trouble if something goes wrong, because you’ll have lots of separate providers to try to get your money back from.

For instance, if you spent £200 on flights at a set time, and then £500 on your hotel, missing the flights might lose you £200. But there is also no guarantee that you’ll get back your £500 as this is a separate contract, and it isn’t the hotel’s fault that you missed your flight.

If you choose a package deal with a reputable provider, then if one part of the trip goes wrong, all components are more likely to be covered. This could be a money-saver when trying to navigate travelling after Brexit.

4 Make sure your holiday has ATOL protection


ATOL protection is very important. It goes hand-in-hand with booking a package holiday.

For example, if your airline stops trading, there will be a back up fund that acts as a ‘safety net’. This ensures that you’re able to return home if you’re stranded abroad, and keeps your money safe.

Always check that you have ATOL protection when you book your trip.

5 Pay for your holiday by credit card

Remember that you have more protection if you pay for something by credit card. If your holiday has a value over £100, and something went wrong, under the Consumer Credit Act, the credit card firm will have to provider another avenue for financial redress.

This means you’ll have even more cover if something goes wrong.

By using all these tips, you can make sure that your post-Brexit holiday is protected as much as possible, and let yourself relax instead of worrying about losing money. Shop around on a price comparison site like A Spokesman Said to get adequate travel insurance, and use the rest of these tips for extra safety.

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