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No-deal Brexit could axe Brits’ travel insurance

Eleanor Newis
Feb 7, 2019


A No-Deal Brexit could mean millions of Brits won’t be covered by their travel insurance in April 2019 after an investigation found that most policies will be void.

Out of seven leading travel agents, five admitted that they aren’t able to provide insurance cover if there is a no-deal Brexit.

With only 58 days until Brexit, just two of these seven companies were able to confirm that insurance would operate as normal if this is the case.

The investigation — carried out by the Lib Dems — found that two insurance firms said travellers wouldn’t be covered at all, and another three were unsure if cover would be available or not.

This news comes after the discovery that millions of plane tickets might be cancelled and passports could end up invalidated in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.

If a deal is not reached between the UK and the European Union, then the number of flights between these countries will be capped, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). This is in line with EU guidance.

The number of flights planned for the next year has already increased to meet holiday demands, and this means that up to five million tickets are currently in danger of being cancelled.

Families who are booking trips abroad during the peak seasons like summer holidays will be the most at risk of having their flight tickets voided, according to the IATA.

The Airports Council International, the airports organisation, has suggested that the cap would cause the loss of 93,000 new flights and might alter the holidays of nearly 20 million airport passengers travelling between the UK and EU.

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