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Delighted tube traveller wins £250 in our Find the Gap London Underground competition

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Sep 9, 2015

The daily grind of the tube is a sweaty and claustrophobic reality for millions of Londoners.  

On a good day, people in the capital are herded onto carriages with barely enough room to swing a Metro, and forced to breathe in the perspiring armpit of city workers, paying hundreds for the privilege.

On a bad day, like when drivers go on strike, the tubes are completely down.

With no trains running, Londoners are in a pickle about how to get to work.


London calling!

So, to highlight the need for better service, we offered £250 to the person who sent in the best video of them beating the strikes, or the most crowded carriage in the capital.

And we’re delighted to announce a winner.

Drum roll please…Emily Benet, 31, from South London, scooped the prize for her ingenious video of how to beat the strike…on rollerblades.


The video Emily submitted of her alternative trip to work, and with her certificate

“I found out about the competition on Twitter”, said Emily.

“To beat the tube strike I borrowed my Mum's roller skates and skated 7 miles from Bermondsey to Bayswater.

“Normally I would have got the Jubilee line and changed at Bond Street. It was pretty bumpy at times - London isn't a great city to skate it - and it was absolutely packed at Parliament Square”.

But Emily, who is a freelance writer currently working on a comedy about social media addiction, made it to work in the end.

“It took me an hour and fifteen minutes and I felt a great sense of achievement when I arrived on time to work.

Rollerskating back home was knackering and I did end up with a pretty big blister!”


What next?

You would have forgiven Emily for putting the £250 towards her tube travel, but she has decided to donate it to Médecins Sans Frontières‎, the charity that helps provide doctors to disaster hit or war torn regions.

“I'm in awe of those courageous doctors who go into areas of conflict and help people in need”, said Emily.

“I also read they are helping with the refugee crisis. Of course there's a part of me which wants to spend the money on something more glamorous (or just paying the rent), but I know it will make a bigger difference to those people in need, and if I was face to face with them I wouldn't think it twice!”

We doff our cap to Emily.

If you’ve got a creative way to get into work, whatever part of the country you’re from, send us a video.

Or, if you think you’ve discovered Britain’s most crowded train, send us a clip – we’d love to hear your story. We can't offer you another lump of cash but you might give fellow travellers a smile

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Bon voyage!