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Virgin’s offer to teenage girls left stranded in New York is simply not good enough

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
May 11, 2016

Why A Spokesman Said thinks Virgin Holidays need to dig a lot deeper to put things right 

There’s no two ways about it: Virgin’s offer to the teenage dancers stranded in New York is an insult.

Let me remind you what happened.

28 members of the Strourbridge Dance Academy – including 16 girls aged between 13 and 17 – arrived at the Roosvelt Hotel in New York, only to find Virgin had cancelled their booking without telling them. 

* They were forced to sleep on a cockroach-infested floor.
* Academy Head Beverley Rabone racked up a £244 phone bill on the phone to Virgin.
* The girls were too knackered to enjoy the £76 a ticket Aladdin play the following night.



And Virgin’s response to this nightmare?

£100 compensation per head and an offer to pay Beverley’s phone bill.

Simply not good enough.

The once-in-lifetime trip cost the group £850 each - a grand total of £23,800.

They had trusted Virgin to deliver and had been let down.


A Spokesman Said gets involved

So we highlighted the girl’s case – and it got picked up by The Sun and the Daily Mail.

And, finally, Virgin upped their offer.

They said they would refund the group £106 per person, cover their breakfasts at £22 a-head and pay for Beverley’s £244 phone bill.

Now, a day later, they have upped it again.

Virgin have said they will reimburse the entire party with a full refund for their four nights at the hotel - amounting to £212 each. 

But the group still don't think this is good enough. 

Beverley thinks Virgin should also pay for the theatre tickets and compensate each member of the party further for the stress.

We agree.

Why shouldn’t Virgin dig deeper?

It’s not as if they don’t have the money.

The holiday giant took home £14.4 million in profit in 2014 and boasted revenues of £2.9 billion.

We'll let you know when Virgin up their offer again. 


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