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Videos show Brits' holiday nightmare at building site hotel in Mexico

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
May 16, 2016

Footage taken by a group of British holiday-makers records their nightmare stay at a hotel in Mexico.

The eight friends, from Eastbourne, East Sussex, paid Virgin Holidays £10,800 for eleven nights at the Omni hotel in Cancun last November.  

But when they arrived, they claim they found the luxury resort was a building site.

Group member Rosalind Hannan alleges loud drilling started at 7:30 in the morning and went on until 8 at night, the showers in the rooms leaked and plasterers dropped paint peelings around the pool area.

She added the video to her complaint on A Spokesman Said:

Rosalind's video compilation of the problems at the hotel

There was no rest from the noise of drilling and hammering

The drilling was so loud the group often couldn't hear one another


"It was a nightmare"

“It was a nightmare,” Rosalind, 51, said. “It was impossible to hold a conversation in the room and impossible to rest during the day.

“The noise of drilling and hammering was unremitting during daylight hours. It was start to finish building work for the whole eleven days.”


The Omni Hotel advertised on the Virgin website

Rosalind claims her friend, Mike Crouch, suffered from heatstroke but couldn't rest in the room because of the noise.

And that two members of the group, Steve Vidler and Tina Frizzell, had water leaking through their bathroom ceiling and light fittings.  


Water leaked from the ceiling in some of the group's bathrooms

“The porter came to show them to a new room and, as he opened the door, the drilling started in the room next door,” Rosalind, who works as an operations manager, said.

“He was highly embarrassed and told them that in his twelve years of working at the hotel renovations of this proportion had only happened three times.”

Six of the group were moved into a separate villa – but Rosalind says this was no quieter and didn't have the sea view they had paid extra for.

She added: “Four of us were moved three or four times each around the hotel to try and find somewhere acceptable.”


Virgin’s Response

Rosalind says the group have struggled for months to get a fair response from Virgin.

She says emails have been ignored and then returned with generic responses.

When they arrived home, Virgin initially offered the group £1,200 in vouchers.

“It was unacceptable,” said Rosalind, “none of us want to book with Virgin again.”

Eventually, Virgin offered £100 per person and to pay the £33 phone bill group member Darlene Mason racked up ringing customer service.

But Rosalind feels this still doesn't go far enough.

She is adamant they would never have booked the hotel if they had known the extent of the building work. 

The group believe a £500 refund per person is closer to a fair offer. 

A Spokesman Said has contacted Virgin Holidays and asked them if it will up their offer. They told us: 

"Virgin Holidays pride ourselves on offering a premium experience to all customers, and were deeply sorry to hear we disappointed Ms Hannon on her recent holiday to Mexico.  We’re in contact with the customer, and are hoping to reach an amicable solution directly with her."

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