About A Spokesman Said

Who are we?

A Spokesman Said is a consumer advocacy platform that puts the power back in your hands.

Our aim is simple: to give you a voice in your battles with businesses that have let you down.

You can use publicity to demand a resolution to your complaint, and if you’re still not happy, we’ll help you to switch to the right company for you.

Why are we here?

It’s too easy for big companies to overcharge, mistreat or deceive loyal customers.

But the online world has moved the power into the hands of the little guy.

With over 68 million complaints made by Brits in 2014, there is clearly a need for a well-organised platform where people power can be used to make the big companies listen.

Transparent price comparison

To help fund our site and support our customers we provide comparison services where we receive a commission for switching.

Our experience shows you can save a huge amount of money by switching so it’s worth taking a look.

If you let your policy automatically renew, your premium may even go up. Loyalty doesn’t pay – so use price comparison to get the best deal for you.

Our promise to you

No price comparison site covers the whole of the market, but the tools we use do cover a big chunk.

They don't favour any companies, and all that matters to us is that you find the best deal for you.

We’re not about fake reviews. We’re about real people, seeking real resolutions.

Meet the team



Kelvin is the one who had the idea.

He gets a kick out of saving money for people he's never met, but he's not so keen on the Charlton owners.


Chief Financial Officer

Keith is responsible for the finances of the business.

And keeping the team happy.


Chief Commercial Officer

Pete works across all parts of the site including sales, marketing and product development.

He likes the Alps and his two children, dislikes Southeastern railways (a lot) and waiting.


Content Manager

Fred writes articles and guides on consumer issues.

He is a huge Roger Federer fan and loves going to the theatre with friends.



Tom researches and writes articles across a range of sectors.

He likes history, diet coke and the United States.


UX Developer

Joe is responsibile for the look and feel of the site.

He loves watching highlights of Coutinho’s 2014/15 season, and he hates taking the tube in rush hour.


Chief Technology Officer

Ricardo is responsible for making sure the site does what it's supposed to.

Moved to UK from Brazil. He just can't get used to the weather.