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In 2014, 70%[1] of home insurance customers renewed without trying to get a better deal. But the banks and many insurers don’t reward your loyalty with lower prices.

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50% of customers were quoted less than £140[2] on their home insurance

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Why compare home insurance?

A Spokesman Said compares multiple home insurers to get the best price for you in one quick and easy search. You could save hundreds on your policy. The service is completely impartial and free. Check out our helpful guides for further information on getting the best home insurance.

It can take around 5 to 10 minutes to complete these home insurance comparisons and get insurance quotes. Big savings could be made when switching to a cheaper insurance provider.

Staying with your same insurer on an auto-renewal can give some people peace of mind, but in our experience (and in other people’s experiences), it pays to shop around.

If you have the following info to hand it could speed up your quote:

- When was your property built? You should be able to find this info in your mortgage survey or home buyers report.

- The date you moved in to your property.

- What sort of locks you have fitted. Most comparison sites help you find out by showing you handy pictures.

- Details of any claims you’ve made.

- The overall cost of your belongings and details of any valuables. See the comparison sites for more details.

What types of home insurance are there?

There are 3 main types of home insurance cover: building, content and a combined (both building and content). Other extras could include emergency cover, legal cover and accidental damage. These could come at an additional cost but are sometimes included as standard on the policy.

Buildings content insurers your actual property structure (the bricks and mortar) and the permanent fittings. You need this sort of insurance in order to get a mortgage.

Contents insurance covers your personal belongings in your home.

If you decide you need both contents and buildings insurance, it could be a lot more cost-effective to get a joint (or combined) policy.

[1]Based on a survey of 2,011 randomly selected UK adults, conducted on behalf of by Vision Critical in December 2014.

[2]50% of customers who purchased Home Building & Contents Insurance through this service provided by Seopa were quoted less than £140 (Feb '16 Sales).