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In 2014, 70%[1] of home insurance customers renewed without trying to get a better deal. But the banks and many insurers don’t reward your loyalty with lower prices.

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50% of customers were quoted less than £140[2] on their home insurance

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Why compare home insurance on A Spokesman Said?

In the UK, every man or woman's home is more likely to be a 2-bedroom flat rather than a castle.

But it’s still likely to cost a princely sum, so getting the right home insurance protection is crucial.

Along with council tax, water and a TV licence, insurance is one of the biggest ongoing costs of running a home.

Accidents do happen and whether it’s a fire, burglary or just some red wine spilt on the floor, you need protection.

The bad news is buildings and contents insurance premiums are getting more expensive.

In fact, research shows premiums have climbed 1.8% in the past year alone. The June hike to the Insurance Premium Tax means they’re likely to only go one way.

Fortunately, you can still act to make sure your insurance doesn’t shoot through the roof.

That’s where we come in.

Whether you’re in a mobile home or a stately manor, if you’re a homeowner, take five minutes to run a comparison and get a home insurance quote.

There’s plenty more DIY steps to save cash on your home insurance that have nothing to do with switching.

Make your home insurance switch go smoothly

Have the following to hand:

- The date your property was built (found in your mortgage survey or buyers report)

- The date you moved in

- The type of locks you have fitted

- What claims you’ve made

- The overall cost of your belongings and details of any valuables

Getting the right home insurance cover

Shopping for the home insurance throws up a host of questions: what level of cover do I need? What’s my stuff worth? Do I need accidental damage? Am I a flood risk?

We’ve tried to answer any doubts you might have in our guides on how to choose home insurance and switching home insurance: why you should do it and what you need to know.

They cover everything from annual increases and flooding risk to optional extras and how much cover you really need.

You should also make sure you don’t fall into any of our 7 home insurance pitfalls.

We’ve also answered whether you need extra protection at Christmas.

The autorenewal trap (don’t fall for it)

Here’s a home truth: if you’ve been auto-renewing your policy with your home insurer for years, you’re probably getting overcharged.

You may feel it gives you peace of mind, but your insurer rubs its hands with glee each time you auto-renew because it can charge you whatever it wants, regardless of whether your claims history or personal details have changed.

Despite an investigation by the Financial Conduct Authority, the elderly are still the most likely to auto-renew and end up overpaying.

From 1 April, you have been given the upper hand. For the first time, your insurer must display last year’s renewal price on your letter.

You’ll be able to see if it’s gone up in price (it will have done) and whether there’s an explanation (there won’t be).

Check your bills, check your friends’ and family members’ bills, and, if the quote has leapt up, say adios and find a cheaper deal online.

Buildings and contents – what’s the difference?

The difference between buildings and contents can be a bit of a headscratcher, especially if you’re a first-time buyer or a novice when it comes to insurance.

Here’s a general rule: if you turn your property upside down and give it a shake, whatever stays put is 'buildings' and whatever drops out of place is 'contents'.

If you’re in any doubt, though, contact your insurer and ask for clarification.

What is accidental damage?

The definition is standard across all home policies: damage that happens abruptly because of an unexpected and non-deliberate external action.

To you and me, that means an unintentional, one-off accident that damages your property or its contents.

That does not include general wear and tear or mechanical failure.

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From unpaid refunds to shoddy goods and nightmare holidays, we’ve made consumers’ voices heard.

And we’ll continue to do that until we retire to Ibiza (or the creditors come knocking).

If you need our help with your home insurer, use our free complaints tool to publicise your issue.

We’re in your corner.