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Kevin's complaint against Scottish Power

Kevin Moore


Bereavement Issues

Complaint against Scottish Power

My father passed away at the beginning of June. As the executor of his will it was my task to inform all suppliers of this and ask for accounts to be forwarded to me. One of these was Scottish Power, who supplied his electricity. I rang Scottish Power and informed them of his death, and asked that the account be put in my name and any correspondence be directed to my address. I also gave them my email address. They said they would do this, that I wouldn't need to send anything in. I checked a couple of days later and they had changed the account name to 'Executor of the late *****). Address stayed the same. I then started to deal with his finances and, as advised by his bank, cancelled direct debits, one of which was Scottish Power. I had, by the way, informed all suppliers that I would be cancelling direct debits and final bills to come to me. The next day I received an email saying, in bold letters 'Your account is in arrears. Please make a payment now'. It was addressed to 'Estate of ****'. The email urged me to make an immediate payment of £-120.61, to clear the balance. Yes, that's correct, they were demanding a minus amount. I checked the account, and it was in credit for that amount. This email was dated 23rd June. On the same day I wrote an email to Scottish Power's complaints department, complaining about the demand for a minus amount, and their lack of sensitivity for what was obviously a deceased relatives account. Two weeks passed and I heard nothing. I had been having post re-directed from my father's house, as I don't live in the area. One of the letters I received was from Scottish Power, addressed to my late father (not Executor, or Estate of). This letter apologised for how they had treated their customers whilst upgrading their billing system, and that they were compensating everyone with a £73 payment. This was transferred onto his electricity account. This was just adding insult to injury, so I wrote a follow up email last week, Thursday 21st July, to their complaints department, demanding an explanation as to why letters were still being addressed to my late father at his address. I said that I wanted a reply within 7 days, or I would take it further. This is what I am doing now. I also threatened to go to the national press. I don't want money, I just want them to get it right and to acknowledge that they have treated me very badly in what has been a very distressing couple of months. I will also follow this up with Ofgem.

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Kevin Moore | | VERIFIED

After this site picked this up for me, Scottish Power got in touch with me, apologised, said they had never received my complaint emails, and offered me £50 as a gesture of goodwill. I emailed them back with copies of the automatic replies that I received after sending both emails, that proved that the emails had been received by their mailbox. They replied that they would look into it.


Customer service is pretty clueless, sounds like you were not correctly directed to the bereavement team. Also the automatic replies suggest your emails were overflow & sent offshore, usually to an indian contact centre who say they will forward to correct dept but never do. I hope they have fixed this for you, if not bereavement team number is 0800 074 1986 and always put FAO bereavement on email
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