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How much energy does a TV use? What your appliances are costing you and how to save money

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Nov 3, 2017

There are two simple ways to save money on energy costs.

So simple in fact that millions of us don’t do them!

The first is to make sure you compare energy prices and then get the best fixed deal by switching to the cheapest provider.


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That’s easy enough, and yet 60% of consumers are still signed up to rip off variable rate tariffs.

And the second way?

Energy saving tips, of course. One of the best is to know what energy you're actually using.

That way, you can decide what to switch off to save the most money.

All of us waste huge amounts of cash by missing the simplest trick of all – flicking a switch … to off!

So, here’s a list of common home appliances and some ballpark costs of running them. Actual costs will vary depending on the tariff you’re on, but, you’ll get a good idea, even so.

And, don’t forget – while some of the amounts seem small, they add up over a year.


TV: 2p an hour. The average family spends around £67 a year powering their TV, DVD player


Light bulb: 0.5p an hour for an energy efficient one

Boiling a kettle: 2.7p – around £26 a year

Electric Cooker: £3 a week

Slow Cooker: 2.5p an hour


Fridge Freezer: 30p a day


Fridge: 0.5p, or around £51.48 a year

Mobile charger: 0.01p – around £5 a year

Washing machine: 50p for a one-hour wash, £183 a year

Iron: up to 20p an hour

Laptop: 1.1p an hour, left on for eight hours a day = £34.25 a year

Shower: £1.42 an hour, around £86 a year

Tumble dryer: 36p, an average of around £86 a year




Games Console:  7p an hour. The average household spends £7 a year powering their consoles. Some consoles are cheaper than others – running a Wii costs around £6 a year, an Xbox £8 a year, and a PS3 around £9 a year.


Up to £80 a year!

The Energy Saving Alliance says the average household can save as much as £30 a year just by turning appliances off when they’re not in use.

And a government report last year found the average household wastes between £50 and £80 of an average electricity bill just by leaving appliances on standby, instead of switching them off at the socket. 

So, the number one way to save money on energy costs is always to compare energy costs and switch to the cheapest supplier.


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But knowing what those appliances cost to run is a close second – IF you can manage to use them less, AND turn them off when not in use.


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