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Barclays Home Insurance Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
May 31, 2017

High-street banking giant Barclays is also one of the UK’s most popular home insurers and a Which? recommended provider.

As well as standard home cover, it offers a range of insurance products, such as landlord’s insurance.


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Home policyholders can get additional cover for items such as bikes, sports equipment and gadgets.

The slogan is: ‘You’re not just covered, you’re Barclaycovered’ and the USP is flexibility.

Barclays says you only need to pay for the cover you need, with the option to add more if your needs change. Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, then, customers can create a more tailored policy.

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Who provides Barclays home insurance?

Barclays home insurance is underwritten by London-based insurer Gresham Insurance Company Limited, which provides insurance for partners including Lloyds.

Gresham is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority.


Barclays home insurance offer

With Barclays, you can choose the level of cover you need and what you want to protect.

Covers are independent of one another, so a claim on one won’t drive up the cost of another at renewal.

Barclays also offer Blue Rewards, a scheme to get you to sign up to its home insurance product, which gives eligible customers the chance to earn cashback and up to £36 a year.


Barclays buildings-only cover

If you’ve covered your contents separately under a different or policy, or you’re happy to go without insurance, you can get cover for your home only.

Remember, buildings insurance protects the building, plus any outbuildings such as greenhouses.

Barclays’ standard policy will protect your property against extreme weather, fire and subsidence.

Impressively, repair or rebuild costs are unlimited for standard properties with 5 bedrooms or fewer.

The following is also covered as standard:

* Up to £10,000 of matching items cover for undamaged items that are part of a set
* Up to £100,000 of alternative accommodation cover if you’re unable to live in your property
* Up to £2m of public liability cover to pay for any claim made against you for injury or damage that happens on your property

Buildings accidental damage – you put your foot through the ceiling and need money for repairs, for example – and protected no-claim discount are available as optional extras.


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Barclays contents-only cover

If you’re a tenant renting a property, don’t expect your landlord’s home insurance policy to cover your possessions.

They will take care of buildings, but you’ll need to get contents.

Barclays contents-only cover offers a decent level of protection.

As standard, you’ll get unlimited cover against theft, loss or damage for valuables while they’re in your home.

You get up to £20,000 cover for single items and don’t need to specify if an item is worth less than £2,500.

You’re also covered for damage done by removal firms, lost or stolen keys and accidental damage (you pour beer over your laptop, for example).

Barclays also offers some great optional extras. For example, it offers cover for non-household equipment you use for work while they’re in your home. It also offers student contents extension, which covers valuables when they’re taken to university.

A word of warning: limits and exclusions will apply to your policy, so go through the T&Cs carefully.

For example, there might be a cap on how much Barclays will pay out for items in your freezer.

Motorised vehicles, damage caused by guests or damage that occurs when your home is unoccupied for longer than your policy allows, won’t be covered.

If you’re unsure exactly what you’re covered for, contact Barclays and ask for clarification and read: How to choose home insurance – what you need to know.


Types of home insurance available from Barclays

Barclays has a solid range of cover types available.

The key ones to consider are: starter contents cover – a good option if you’re moving into your first home; students contents cover, which covers your items up to £15,000 at your student accommodation; gadget cover, to protect your phone and other items for up to £10,000 anywhere in the world and home emergency, which protects you for disasters at your property, such as the boiler packing in, plumbing problems, vermin infestations or roof damage.

Keen cyclists might want to look at Barclays bike cover, which offers up to £3,5000 cover for loss or damage. 


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You won’t be covered for theft, though, unless your bike is locked in a secure place.

If you’re a regular cyclist, both home and abroad, getting cover with your home insurer, rather than buying it separately, might save you money.

Bear in mind that the excess is separate from other cover you purchase.

Barclays also offer legal services, providing up to £50,000 per claim for legal fees, and up to £5,000 of cover for sports equipment.

In-depth advice for students:  why you need to make sure you’re covered.  


How is Barclays home insurance rated?

Barclays home insurance is highly rated.

Which? conduct extensive assessments of the UK’s 31 biggest home insurers and in January ranked Barclays 2nd, with a total score of 73%.

The bank scored an impressive four out of five stars for customer service, complaint handling and clarity of charges.

Its customer score – based on the likelihood of respondents recommending Barclays to a friend – was 70%, although this was based on a sample size of just 65!  

In 2016, Barclays’ claims process was voted the best in the country by market research group Consumer Intelligence, following a survey involving 24,000 customers.


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Barclays home insurance contact details

Barclays home insurance customer service can be contacted on 0800 015 0246.

If you’ve had a problem with Barclays, make a complaint on A Spokesman Said.

We’re in your corner.


What is good about Barclays home insurance?

The best feature of Barclays is its Flexibility. Barlcays has moved to cut unfair charges out of its home insurance offering. It won’t charge you to add or remove cover levels, amend your policy or cancel mid-term. Switch to Barclays before renewal and it will cover any exit fees levied by your current insurer.

Subsidence cover as standard on buildings policies is also a plus.


What is bad about Barclays home insurance?

The main downside to Barclays home insurance is that accidental contents damage is only available as an optional add-on, or through gadget, personal items, bike and sports equipment cover.


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