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Debenhams car insurance review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Mar 14, 2017

Debenhams is best known as a top-notch department store.

But the London-based retailer wears many hats and, as well as clothes and gifts, its brand also offers a range of insurance products under the name Debenhams Insurance.

Debenhams insurance offers cover for a range of stuff, from travel, wedding, car insurance, to home and gadget insurance. 

The marketing on the Debenhams insurance website promotes - as you'd expect from a retailer that opened its doors in the 18th Century - luxury cover.

It claims to provide "car insurance that treats you" and offers a range of car insurance add-ons and perks (more on these later). 

As such, it's unlikely to be as cheap as a no-frills provider like Swiftcover (the cost will, as ever, depend on a host of factors including driving history, age and car type). 

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Buy Debenhams' insurance, get someone else's

It's important to note that Debenhams is not an insurer in its own right.

Instead, it's an "appointed representative" of Bristol-based Eldon Insurance Services.

Eldon Insurance, part of Southern Rock, is the one authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority and the one that administers the policies, while Debenhams provides a wrapper: its brand, customer service and extra deals on its other services and products.  

Eldon underwrite insurance for: GoSkippy; Footprint and Business Choice Direct. 

Debenhams insurance policies are actually provided by a panel of insurers, including ABC, AXA, Ageas, Aviva, Covea, Southern Rock, Highway Insurance and XS Direct Insurance. 

There's nothing wrong with all this, per say - you will still approach Debenhams directly with claims and customer service queries -, but it's worth remembering that you're signing up with other insurance firms as well as a national retailer.


What type of insurance policies does Debenhams offer?

As with most insurers, the policies Debenhams insurance offers boil down to: Third Party, Fire and Theft and Comprehensive. 

The key, fairly self explanatory, difference between the two is that with a Third Party, Fire and Theft policy your car will only be repaired if it's damaged by fire/theft or stolen. 

With Debenhams Comprehensive cover, your medical expenses will be covered up to £100 and you get 90 days travel abroad. 

This is a perk worth highlighting: if your UK-registered vehicle is insured with Debenhams in the UK, the cover is valid within any European Union country. All you need is the minimal Third Party cover, but your trip must be a holiday, not business.

A courtesy car is provided as standard with Comprehensive cover for accidental damage and with Third Party, Fire and Theft for fire and theft claims where damage is repairable.

Of course, the specifics of your policy will depend on the fine print of the insurer Debenhams connects you too, so always remember to go through the T&Cs. 

The policy documents of the panel brands Debenhams works with can be found here

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Optional extras

 Debenhams offers a raft of optional extras, including: 

* No claims discount protection
* Legal expenses - for accidents that aren't your fault, you can claim for things like personal injury, loss of earnings, out of pocket expenses, car hire and the reimbursement of your policy excess.
* Key care -you’ll be covered for a locksmith to come out and replace your keys and locks if you lose yours or they're stolen. Some policies include your house keys in this cover and the re-calibration of key cards or immobilisers, so make sure you check the fine print first. 
* Mis-Fuel cover
* RAC Roadside & Recovery
* RAC Full UK Breakdown Cover
* RAC Full UK & EU Breakdown Cover
* Replacement vehicle hire - this will cover you for the hire of a replacement car if you have an accident and your vehicle is written off or it's stolen.  

These extras do, of course, cost more money. 

Before your purchase an add-on you might not need, read our guide: car insurance extras - are they worth it


Get a £50 Debenhams voucher

Sign up to any Debenhams car insurance policy and you'll get a £50 voucher.

It's common practice for retailers to flex their muscles like this when flogging alternative products (M&S and Tesco Bank, for example, both offer vouchers when you sign up to a financial product).  

It's worth factoring in the £50 bonus when you compare prices to work out how much you could save switching

The company also offers a Debenhams Credit Card, which gives you reward points every time you spend that are then converted into vouchers you can use in store. 

This applies to your car insurance policy. 


What do Debenhams customers think?

The USP of Debenhams car insurance is you're buying from a trusted brand with a well-respected customer service offering. 

Take out a policy with Debenhams and you are promised access to the infrastructure of a retail giant.

A 24-hour claims line is available on 0344 840 9506 and standard customer service on 0344 840 6305​.

If you've had a problem with Debenhams, get in touch with A Spokesman Said - we're in your corner. 


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Last year 65% of customers didn't switch their car insurance to try and get a better deal.