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Complaint against A Shade Greener

I am in the process of selling my house and have been trying to contact A Shade Greener to get an MCS certificate for the solar panels installed, i have rang the customer service number to no avail and also sent an email but still have had no reply. This is the only thing holding up the sale of my house

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Stuart Piercy | | VERIFIED

Hi I am having the same issue just holding up my mortgage can't get through to speak to anyone and no reply to my email any advise would be appreciated cheers

John Gregory | | VERIFIED

This looks like a money making scam by a shade greener. £200 they want for duplicate certificates that they are supposed to issue when your solar panels have been installed. We never received ours neither did any of our neighbours who had panels at the same time. Our house sale is now held up because without the initial survey and M C S certificate you cannot sell your property.

John Gregory | | VERIFIED

I wonder if it is possible to find out if anyone did have a M C S certificate issued. I have been in touch with the accreditation company that certifies solar panel companies, but they have not responded, only to say they will only issue a certificate to the owner of the panels not the home owner to who’s house the panels are fitted. Please be aware anyone else trying to sell their property.

James Clifford | | VERIFIED

If you cannot get anywhere to resolve this fairly with ASG I suggest that you contact the MCS body who issue the MCS certificates in the 1st place. https://www.microgenerationcertification.org/

Nigel Thompson | | VERIFIED

We have spoken to the Microgenerationcertificfication org. That have been inundated with requests. They say only the owners of the panels have the MCS certificate. As we are not the owners we don’t really need it, however they were able to confirm it’s existence. Sound like ASG are holding back documents so they can charge £216 for copies

Ash Wright | | VERIFIED

I was not aware of the MCS certificate requirement until I came to change my mortgage. We got several bits of paperwork when our panels were installed by ASG which we kept together but the certificate is not there. I can't remember ever seeing this certificate and can't help but think that it is a scam to be able to charge over £200 for a piece of paper.

Cath Burke | | VERIFIED

Hi we have just had the same issue, I contacted MCS and for £36 they will not issue a copy of the relevant certificate. Help desk number is 03331038130, who can help with the process. I received my copy certificate via email just a short time after making payment. Hope this helps

Cath Burke | | VERIFIED

That should say now sorry
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