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Federico's complaint against ASDA

Federico Cicchi


Missing items in my delivery order, can't have a refund

Complaint against ASDA

My order was delivered one day late and with missed items. Refund option on ASDA's website is not working for my order, so I can't get the refund. In details, their Refund page says my order does not have any item, but if I click on my order link I see the list of the items I ordered. I tried to contact ASDA at their customer service number but they keep me on waiting all the time at ANY hour of the day. I sent them two mails using their web site, no reply. I contacted them using Twitter and I had a reply saying to use their customer service number (the one that is keeping me on wait). I have three days (now two) to request a refund and this situation it's really making me uncomfortable. Really a bad experience. For you information my ASDA order id is: 17686736367.

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