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Burger King customers flipping angry after suffering 'allergic reactions'

Patrick Christys
Apr 3, 2019

Burger King. They sell more whoppers than the tabloid press. It's the restaurant you go to when McDonald's is shut. It's the spiritual home of everyone who has stopped caring about their cholesterol. Burger King - a truly wonderful bastion of sanctity in an otherwise bleak existence.

But not for some customers. A Spokesman Said has been dealing with complaints about some burger lovers having what appears to be an allergic reaction to some items on the menu.

If you are somebody who is allergic to Burger King burgers, you're in real trouble. They do offer a salad on their menu, but going to Burger King for a salad is like going to a brothel for a hug.

Tom wrote into A Spokesman Said to say: "Been to Burger King twice in two weeks lips Swollen up. What’s going on?"

Janine had a similar problem: "Started eating the fiery BBQ burger within minutes of me eating it a blister has formed on my top lip. My son noticed it and said your lip looks swollen it felt very hot and itchy and still hasn't returned to normal the morning after."

Jaspal has also suffered Burger King Swollen Lip Syndrome: "My wife and myself went to Burger King at 1 stop Perry Barr Birmingham today.

"We both had an allergic reaction and ended up having sore swollen lips.

"We had a reaction within approximately one hour of eating. I am totally disappointed with this branch of Burger King.

"I have been to Burger King many times before and never had any problems. I have now lost confidence in eating at a burger restaurant."

Could the problem be something to do with tree nuts?

Kay seems to think so..."Twice this has happened complained they don’t care. I have a tree nut allergy but so many others having same reaction maybe it’s not a nut issues I want to know what they did to me and why this is allowed to happened."

A Spokesman Said has contacted Burger King to ask:

Are customers being given adequate allergy information?
What action will Burger King take if somebody suffers an allergic reaction to your products and they were not warned about exactly what was in the contents before they consumed it?

But potential allergic reactions are just one element of numerous complaints A Spokesman Said has received about the fast food joint.

We've all been there - you've just had a budget holiday in Mallorca, you got sunburnt on the first day and had to sit in the shade drinking lukewarm sangria complaining about the fact the Irish bar down the road doesn't do a roast dinner on a Sunday.

After stocking up on some cheap continental cigarettes and maybe getting a tattoo you regret at 5am on the Magaluf strip, it's time to head into the airport.

When you just about make it through customs after being patted down by someone who looks like Franco's bodyguard, it's time for something deeply unhealthy.

As you sidle past the aisles of salads and fresh fruit and veg, past the lady spraying all and sundry with the latest Hugo Boss summer fragrance, you edge your way towards the familiar Burger King sign.

Only to be confronted by an unhygienic scene that makes the floor around a Benidorm swimming pool look like a sterile operating theatre. 

Just ask Anna, who told us: "With little option for a hot meal in Palma de Mallorca airport I resorted to going to Burger King. As I was waiting for my whopper I could see the man behind the counter constructing it.

"He was placing the lettuce, tomato, etc onto the burger without gloves. I then see him leaning against a wall with his hand after it was done and going to make another. No hand washing in sight. My stomach turned.

"I’m not so good for complaining usually so just sat down with it. But just couldn’t stomach it and went back up to the counter. I said I couldn’t eat it as I had seen the guy making it without gloves or utensils!! They said that’s just how they do it and they wash hands. I saw no hand washing in between burgers! I got no apology.

"No refund. Only looks of annoyance from the manager, saying ‘that’s just how we do it’. Awful. As a full time chef myself I think this is just gross. And I was very disappointed with the service and response of the Burger King staff. Will never go again."

There have also been some unsavoury incidents closer to home. 

Surit Singh told us: "The staff are making burgers without any gloves on. Not washing hands when dealing with veggie burgers and meat burgers. No hair nets worn either. Some of their staff are rude too. This is not got food hygiene."

If you've had some issues with Burger King, contact A Spokesman Said, go to McDonald's or simply take up a salad addiction.

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