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Anton's complaint against Tui

Anton Miller


Warning: Do not use Tui travel money card

Complaint against Tui

After speaking to our Tui shop staff in Wickford Essex I was convinced a prepaid travel card for our holiday in Thailand and Cambodia was the best choice and i could put Thai Baht and US dollars on the multi currency card. I was assured by the TUI shop staff that there would and could be no possible problems using the ATM's My first withdrawal of Thai Baht from an ATM proved to be a complete nightmare after the cash machine converted Euro! to English pounds then to Thai Baht! which cost me £38.00 to make my first withdrawal of cash. This was the same when I tried withdrawing Dollars in Cambodia. I emailed Tui customer services time after time, daily explaining that my Holiday was fast becoming a disaster as i couldn't afford and had not budgeted for this and after each email that I sent had an acknowledgement reply saying that "We have received your email and will get back to you shortly regarding this matter" I lost count of the amount of emails i sent and received from Tui. They never did get back to me and I have found Tui shop staff and Tui customer services to be the lowest form of intelligence and consideration that I have ever received. When i was first given the 2 multi currency cards in the Wickford shop i later received a call to say they had made a mistake (basically neither of the cards had the £3000 balance that the shop had put on them) and they would have to re issue another 2 cards for me to use but i wouldn't be able to use the app on my phone to see the use of the card and balance as it would only register the first cards issued. Then when i questioned the new cards only showed a balance of £2800 they said that was the buy back value but after the holiday my balance showed over £400 but i only got £371 back so i lost money in every direction possible and found the whole of the Tui outfit absolutely useless and not fit for purpose. WARNING: DO NOT TUI multi currency travel cards they will cost you fortunes!

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