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Why use A Spokesman Said?

A Spokesman Said is a platform that connects brands with customers


A unique tool to help you resolve customer issues and increase retention


People buy from companies with great service. Showcase your brand to thousands of potential new customers


Get ahead of the field and build your brand’s reputation for excellent customer experience

Enhance your reputation today

The way you treat customers is your biggest opportunity to win new ones. Unless you have a truly unique product or are super-convenient for your customers, then a reputation for great service is paramount.

Customers are increasingly using social media to share their brand experiences with friends and family. This is a unique chance to open dialogue with your customers, one to one. With A Spokesman Said, you and your customers are no longer just strangers.

Companies can talk directly to the customers who buy from them via our unique complaints resolution service, meaning you can turn unhappy customers into brand advocates.

“Advocates spend 33% more than other customers and find convenience, customer service and the experience very important” (Maureen Stanick Boyce PhD, IBM Study 2008). With tens of thousands of people checking out different companies on A Spokesman Said every month, here is a chance to showcase how good your service really is.

Who's already on board?

Morrisons Currys/PC World TalkTalk First Utility Royal Mail

Steven Marshall, First Utility

“Using A Spokesman Said we've achieved speedy resolution for many customers”

Ben Darter, Morrisons

“Customers want support in how they communicate with us and A Spokesman Said offers that support”

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