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Absolutely no way electric cars can be as bad as petrol or diesel, report says

Patrick Christys
Sep 4, 2019

Questions have been raised over electric cars recently - they depreciate in value very quickly and their batteries could be bad for the environment. 

But a new report has poured cold water over that.

An in-depth report by Imperial College London says it's plain and simple: Electric cars cannot be anywhere near as bad for the environment as their petrol or diesel counterparts.


It claimed that pure electric plug-in models on average emit just one quarter of the carbon dioxide produced by conventional cars with a combustion engine.

And even when you factor in the carbon footprint required to produce their batteries, electric models still emit half as much CO2 as a petrol or diesel-engined car over the course of their life cycle, the university said.

The debate around the green credentials of electric cars is a hot topic right now as Britain gradually moves towards its target of being carbon neutral by 2050.

However, this latest study, conducted in partnership with Drax Electric Insights, claims the electrified vehicles used on Britain's roads today are already much greener than traditional cars with conventional engines over a life cycle of 150,000 kilometres (93,000 miles).


The report calculates that it takes just two to three years of zero-emission travel for electric cars to compensate for the carbon dioxide output required to produce the batteries that power them.

However, not all electric cars are the same and the carbon payoff depends on the model, with big luxury motors with long ranges, such as a Tesla Model or Jaguar iPace, taking longer.


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