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Tonik Energy Review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Mar 31, 2017

Tonik Energy dreams big.

It says it wants to “halve your energy bills by 2022”

And its pitch is a bit more interesting than those of other smaller suppliers promising cut-price gas and electricity.


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The usual line is that by keeping internal costs low using innovative tech, smaller suppliers can offer low prices.

But Birmingham-based Tonik dresses up its price promise in an environmental wrapper.

It claims we’re using far more energy than we need and that Tonik’s tech is here to help.

In Tonik’s words: “the energy industry needs a tonic, a remedy, an antidote to the questionable practices we were seeing day in, day out.”

Another astonishing claim reads: “Picture what the smartphone did for the way we communicate and you’ll get where we’re heading with energy.”

The company traded previously as Pilot Energy before it changed its name (perhaps that was just the pilot?)

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Tonik Energy key benefits

Switch to Tonik and you can take advantage of: 3% interest on credit card balances (Tonik is right to point out this is better than most banks); 100% renewable electricity and no exit fees and no minimum term.

Plenty to shout about.


Tonik Energy tariffs

We reviewed and compared the options for a four-bedroom house in north London, paying by direct debit and with typical gas and electricity.

Here are the options:

Positive Energy V2

* £867/year
* 12 months fixed tariff with no exit fees
* 100% renewable electricity
* £40 discount included for dual fuel customers

Life Energy

* £1002/year
* Variable tariff, meaning prices could go up or down
* 100% renewable electricity
* No exit fees or minimum term


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At under £900 a year, Tonik’s fixed Positive Energy V2 deal looks particularly tempting.

Throw in 100% electricity, for which you’d usually expect to pay a bit of a premium, and no exit fees and it’s almost too good to be true.

The deal comes in around £200 cheaper than the average standard tariff with the Big Six – Npower, Scottish Power, SSE, British Gas, E.ON and EDF.

In February, Which? included the Positive Energy V2 in a list of the cheapest deals on the market. Before 7 January 2017, Tonik claimed the average customer switching to them saved £353 a year.

Tonik is signed up to the Energy Switch Guarantee, meaning your transfer should go smoothly. But it does not currently offer the Warm Home Discount.


What about Tonik Energy’s customer service?

The quality of Tonik’s customer service is, at the moment, a bit of a mystery because it there are no official complaints statistics available from the regulator Ofgem.

It’s a small outfit of between 11 and 50 employees, so we’ll have to watch this space.

You can contact Tonik on 0333 344 2686 or email [email protected].

If you need to make a complaint, use A Spokesman Said’s free tool.


Tonik account features: Live balance and shared accounts

Two of Tonik’s tools deserve a quick mention.

Live balance means your balance automatically updates when a new meter reading is submitted; you know where you are with your account no matter what the time of day. This is something worth considering in our Tonik energy review.

Readers who manage multiple properties will like Tonik’s Shared Accounts feature. This allows landlords to see readings for multiple properties under a single login.


Positive Energy Club

Tonik customers become part of its Positive Energy Club.

If that gives you a warm, fuzzy feel inside, it’s supposed to.

What this amounts to, though, is friendly tips and advice on how to cut your energy usage down; remember, Tonik wants to halve your bills by 2020.

2020 is the year the government’s smart meter roll out is due to be complete and a big grey area with Tonik is whether it actually supports smart meters at all.


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Watch out for payments taken in advance

Tonik doesn't hang about getting your money.

It will take your first direct debit payment on the day it begins supplying your property with energy.

Ongoing monthly payments will then be taken on the same date each month moving forward.

The supplier says it will also sometimes ask for an upfront payment, allegedly so it can schedule your Direct Debit date to suit you.

In reality, this is so it has the cash to buy gas and electricity on the wholesale market. Unlike the Big Six, challenger firms don’t have the capital to buy energy months in advance.

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Toto Energy green credentials

Tonik’s green credentials are pretty robust: it generates 100% of its electricity from renewables.

That said, there’s little information about the actual source of the power on its website (wind? solar?)

And Tonik doesn’t appear to be as immersed in eco projects, such as planting trees or investing in green gas, as some of its smaller rivals – Ecotricity, for example.

Nor is there any mention of social or charitable projects the company is involved in.

We will know more when Tonik publishes its fuel mix disclosure, a requirement under Ofgem rules.


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