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Government declares war on diesel drivers to meet EU law

Tom Bailey

Tom Bailey
Mar 10, 2017

The government has said it is looking into taxing diesel fuel at a higher rate than petrol. 

In the spring budget on Wednesday, Chancellor Phillip Hammond confirmed the government would be looking into an “appropriate tax treatment” for cars using diesel; or, in other words, jacking up the tax on the fuel.

At present, both petrol and diesel are taxed at the same level.

Motoring groups have said taxing diesel higher would signal the fuel's death knell. 

The move comes following a string of attacks on diesel drivers.

In February, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling warned Brits against buying diesel cars and floated the idea of a diesel scrappage scheme.



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It received support from the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who promised Londoners up to £3,500 to hand in in their diesel motors.

After years of the government promoting diesel for its fuel efficiency over petrol, diesel drivers are frustrated with this U-turn.

Diesel cars are believed to be worse for air pollution, which in the UK has breached EU limits. 

The EU has ruled that Britain’s air pollution levels are too high and is therefore legally bound to reduce them.

One way of doing this is attacking diesel drivers. Across the continent, diesel is increasingly for falling out of favour.

In September last year Renault, the French car manufacturer revealed it would phase out diesel.

At the same time, the mayors of Paris, Madrid and Athens have all expressed support for banning diesel vehicles from their cities by 2025. 

Is this attack on diesel fair? Would you still buy a diesel? 

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