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Drivers ripped-off with needlessly high fuel costs

Steve Hodge

Steve Hodge
Nov 6, 2019

Motorists are being ripped-off at the pump yet again. 

I know what you're thinking: 'What's new?', and you'd be right...but it's especially bad this time.

Last month, the RAC called on retailers to cut fuel prices by 7p-a-litre, as the price of oil averaged under $60 a barrel and the pound strengthened to around $1.29.

In essence, the only reason they wouldn't drop prices in line with the current economic situation is...all together now...TO RIP YOU OFF! 

Some supermarkets did cut unleaded petrol prices by around 2p-a-litre, but the RAC claims fuel prices are - on the whole - still around 2p-a-litre too expensive.

Last month, across the country prices for petrol and diesel at the pumps fell by an average of 1.5p, the latest data shows.

According to the Daily Mail, the average price of a litre of unleaded petrol fell by 1.57p to 126.42p by the end of last month, down from 127.99p at the start of the month.

Average diesel prices were cut by 1.59p a litre in October to 130.49p, down from 132.08p at the beginning of the month. In September, diesel prices at the pumps rose slightly.  

A litre of petrol is now nearly 3p-a-litre cheaper than it was at the beginning of August (129.15p), while diesel is only 1.55p cheaper.      

The findings suggest fuel retailers are still failing to pass on cost savings from lower wholesale prices.

Where to find the cheapest petrol 

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RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said that while it was good news for drivers that pump prices fell last month, it was 'disappointing' that they didn't drop further.

He said: 'In the middle of the month we called for a significant cut as we saw petrol was up to 7p-a-litre too expensive. 

'The supermarkets responded with a round of price cuts, but most only decided to knock 2p-a-litre off unleaded. 

'While this was positive we feel they could have gone quite a bit further. 

'This is borne out by the average price only dropping just over a penny since then.

'As things stand both petrol and diesel are still 2p too expensive and should really be reduced. 

'Sadly, we suspect this is extremely unlikely as the wholesale market is now beginning to go the other way which will start to eat in to the accumulated saving that should have been passed on to drivers before.'

Even so, the cost of filling a 55-litre family car with petrol has fallen back under £70 to £69.53 for the first time since March, marking a saving of 86p on last month. An equivalent diesel fill-up is now £71.77 down 87p from £72.64.

At the end of October Asda was selling the cheapest supermarket unleaded petrol at 121.64p a litre, which was 1.44p cheaper than its nearest rival Tesco, at 123.08p a litre. 

Asda also had the lowest priced diesel at 125.14p, 1.54p below Tesco. The average price of supermarket petrol was 123.01p last month, down 1.05p on a month earlier, while diesel was down 1.48p at 126.55p.   


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