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REVEALED: Car models least likely to pass MOT

Patrick Christys
Jul 25, 2019

A list of what cars are the most and least likely to pass their MOT has been revealed - where does your car rank?

New categories have been added to the MOT pass list, due to the sudden realisation that global warming is essentially going to kill us all unless we start driving eco-friendly cars!

The latest stats, published by the Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency (DVSA) for 2017, reveals all when it comes to cars' ability to pass their MOT.


They show that a staggering 28.9million cars and light commercial vehicles vehicles were tested in 2017, with 7.5million failing the assessment at the first attempt.



Now What Car? has used that data to draw up a list of the best and worst cars when it comes to MOT pass rate.

They're broken into several categories: City cars, Superminis, small SUV's, large SUV's and, of course, luxury cars.

Unsurprisingly, it's the latest models that - on average - more commonly have the better pass rates, while vehicles that are becoming long in the tooth dominate the standings with the highest likelihood of failing.

You might be surprised by where your car ranks. See the league tables below:

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