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Npower call off lawyers chasing couple over billing debt that had already been paid

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Apr 4, 2017

Bungling Big Six giant Npower have finally called off solicitors from hounding a young couple over a debt that had already been paid – after A Spokesman Said took up their case.

When they owe you money, you often have to fight tooth and nail to get it back.

But if for a second they suspect you owe them cash, you won’t hear the end of it – even when a large chunk of the debt has already been paid off.

Just ask young couple Melissa Evans and Phillip Jones.

Melissa and Phil closed their account with Npower back in 2014 when they moved into a new, two-bedroom flat in Chesterton, Staffs.

Unbeknownst to them, Npower’s computer system hadn’t been taking the couple’s Direct Debit payments for gas and they had accrued a large debt.

The couple were left with a bill for nearly £600.

“Two years with no contact from Npower and we got a final demand letter to our new address for a debt we apparently owed npower,” Melissa, 28, told us.

The couple were left with a bill for over £500.

Melissa explained: “We decided after much cajoling and bullying from npower with court threats that we would just pay the bill, even though it hadn't been explained properly as to why we owed the money.

“We started a payment plan which was always paid every four weeks.

“We never missed any payments but continued to receive threats from npower for non-payment.

“It’s caused my partner and I so much stress and anxiety. I’ve had to take time off work to deal with them. It’s been a total nightmare.”

Melissa, who works as a postwoman, told us that every time she contacted Npower, customer service said they could see the payments.

After nearly thirty phone calls, the letter stopped and Melissa and Phil assumed it was sorted.

But two months later a letter from Npower’s solicitors, a firm called Wilkie Chapman, appeared demanding they pay the outstanding amount in two weeks or face court action.

At her wits end, Melissa brought her case to A Spokesman Said.


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A Spokesman Said gets involved to help

We contacted Npower and it told us a mix up with the couple’s initial moving out date had caused the account to be rebilled.

It said it would take the £340 Melissa and Phil had already paid off the debt, contact the solicitors to let them know and set a payment plan up directly with Npower.

A delighted Melissa said: “If I hadn’t contacted A Spokesman Said I’d still be stuck in the same place. You are my knights in shining armour.

“It’s really put my mind at ease and I can’t thank you enough.

Thanks to your hard work my partner and I can finally rest easy after such a long while of harassment and stress caused by Npower.

“You guys are the best and I have told so many people about you and how wonderful a job you do.

"I realise I have said thank you about forty million times now but I really do think you guys are epic.

“Keep up the good work.”

Npower told us: “We’re sorry to hear about Melissa’s issues with her account. We’ve now corrected the account and will contact her to apologise and reassure her this is now sorted.”

If you need someone to fight your corner, get in touch with A Spokesman Said


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