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The unusual items that might be covered by your home insurance

Eleanor Newis
Oct 17, 2018

Many customers may not be aware that some unusual items could be covered by their home insurance. We take you through the list.

It is possible that your home insurance could be covering some more unusual items in your house that you might not have even thought of.


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In some cases, you need to inform your provider that you own a certain item to make sure you get the full potential of your insurance. Every insurance company will have a full list of covered objects that they can share with you on request.

Bikes normally fall under contents insurance, but customers should inform their insurance company when their bike goes over a specific financial worth. The value covered by each policy is unique to the individual insurer, so customers should ask their firm.

Some people might be surprised to learn that perishable food and drink, prosthetic limbs, downloaded music, false teeth and some plants might be covered by their existing insurance.

Customers who have a large variety of plants should make specific checks with their providers. Some expensive plants require specific insurance, and each provider’s stipulations vary.

More expensive artworks, designer clothes and fine jewellery might also need specific policies.

Items usually treated as valuables by companies include technical equipment such as cameras, audiovisual and gaming tech, microscopes and telescopes, and music instruments.

But customers would be wise to look through their existing policy before taking on new ones, as they might find that the items they are concerned by are actually covered already. Just a quick check can save customers the expense of taking out another policy.

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