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Co-op home insurance review

Fred Isaac

Fred Isaac
Jun 9, 2017

Many Brits will associate The Co-operative with the weekly shop, travel and even funerals.

But, through subsidiary company Co-op Insurance, it also offers insurance policies on car, pet, home and a range of other products.


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The Manchester-based firm claims to offer cheap house insurance.

Between July and December 2016, one in ten new customers paid £117 or less for combined buildings and contents policies, according to the company’s website.

Co-op Insurance was one of financial magazine MoneyWise’s trusted home insurers in 2016.

To see if you could cut your home insurance bill, compare home insurance online.


Who provides Co-op home insurance?

Co-op’s Emergency Home Cover is in fact provided by AXA Assistance, while Home Legal Expenses cover is underwritten by CIS General Insurance Limited.


Co-op home insurance price and perks (get a £50 food voucher)

Co-op promises customers can get buildings insurance from as little as £80 and contents from as little as £47.

This is competitive, but it’s worth noting that it’s based on one in ten customers getting policies cheaper than the two headline prices.

Switch to Co-op and the company will throw in a £50 food voucher.

This kind of deal is typical of businesses that span retail and insurance. For example, Debenhams offer a gift card with every policy.

Before you buy a new insurance deal, check what perks are available.


How is Co-op home insurance rated?

Which? conduct the most extensive analysis of the UK’s top home insurers.

Co-op came 19th out of 31 top providers assessed by the consumer group in January 2017.

Out of 5 it scored full marks for customer service and complaint handling, and four for transparency of charges and value for money.  

Its overall customer score – based on the likelihood of policyholders recommending Co-op to a friend – was 71%, meaning it was only beaten by Sheila’s Wheels, Nationwide, Castle Cover, NFU Mutual, John Lewis and Age UK.

After assessing 39 aspects of Co-op’s buildings policy and 49 aspects of its contents policy, Which? awarded it 66% and 68% respectively.

If you have a problem with Co-op Insurance, make a complaint on A Spokesman Said.

We’re in your corner.


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Co-op home insurance – key details

Co-op’s home insurance includes:

* Guaranteed 30% No Claim Discount – if you haven’t made a claim in 12 months.
* Choose your own excess – You can cut your premium by opting for a higher excess. There will be exclusions, so double check the small print. Be careful, you will have to pay this excess if you need to make a claim, so set it a level you can afford.
* Up to £50,000 legal expenses cover – included as standard. Again, watch the exclusions.
* UK based call centres – available on 0333 331 5534


What’s the difference between contents and buildings?

Buildings insurance covers the structure of your home – the roof, walls, outbuildings and fixtures such as a kitchen – against things such as fire, theft, vandalism and subsidence.

Contents insurance, meanwhile, covers what’s inside your home.

The best way to think of it is to imagine your house being turned upside down and given a shake.

What stays put falls under ‘buildings’ and what comes loose falls under ‘contents’.

For more details on the difference, read how to choose home insurance - what you need to know.


Co-op buildings insurance

The Co-op’s buildings insurance gives you as standard:

* Up to £500,000 rebuilding costs – to cover against loss or damage to your home from theft, fire, storm, flood, subsidence or similar events
* Accidental damage cover – for underground pipes, drains and cables
* Up to £2m property owner’s liability – to help you meet any damages awarded to someone who has an accident on your property
* Up to £50,000 legal fees
* Cover for outbuildings - a greenhouse, garage or a shed, for example
* Up to £20,000 for loss of rent and alternative accommodation – cover if you need to move out
* UK call centres – available on 0370 218 7335

As ever, we urge you to check exactly what is covered in your policy before signing up.

And make sure your property is eligible. For example, you may have trouble getting cover if your house has ever been flooded or affected by subsidence, your roof is tiled or if you live in a mobile home.

A range of optional extras are available, such as accidental damage cover (more on these later).



Co-op contents insurance

Co-op’s contents insurance comes with an impressive level of cover.

You can cover your possessions for loss or damage up to an agreed amount and get new for old replacements of items (excluding linen and clothing).

Also included as standard are:

* Up to £2,000 cover for theft from outbuildings
* Up to £2m personal and occupier’s liability
* Tenant’s liability up to 20% of the sum insured on contents
* Up to £5,000 cover for office equipment used in the home
* Up to £500 cover for a guest’s personal belongings (per visitor)

You can also choose from four cover limits for high risk items, such as jewellery and tailor your policy to suit you. The limits are: £6,000, £9,000, £12,000 and £15,000.


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Co-op home insurance optional extras

As with all home insurance, Co-op offers a raft of optional add-ons to beef up your policy.

Many have their own particular exclusions, so check you’re eligible before buying. 

HomeRescue Plus will cover you for up to £250 of emergency repairs, such as a vermin infestation or a bust boiler. Any claim will not affect your No Claims and there’s no excess to pay – all in all a pretty neat offer!

Other optional extras worth highlighting are Accidental Damage, available on both contents and buildings. 

The contents add on will protect you for things such as red wine spilt on a carpet, while buildings will cover you for DIY disasters, such as drilling through a pipe.

Both are worth considering but will, of course, cost a bit extra.

There are also a host of Personal Possessions extras available for items such as mobile phones and sports equipment.

These come with a £50 excess and cover your item even when it’s not in your home.


Eco-friendly home cover – offset your carbon emissions with Co-op Insurance

Covering unique selling points is a important part of our home insurance reviews. When you take out a Co-op home insurance policy, the company will invest in global projects that cover 10% of your home and car’s CO2 emissions.


We like…

* 30% No Claims Discount
* UK based customer service
* Impressive features included as standard, such as: freezer contents, legal expenses cover and legal advice/home emergency helplines


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Last year 65% of customers didn't switch their car insurance to try and get a better deal.