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How to avoid the TV license price hike

Patrick Christys
Mar 15, 2019

Are you desperate to avoid the scandalous TV license price hike? We tell you how you could keep your money in your pocket.

Isn't it ludicrous that the price of a TV license is going up yet again, just so the BBC can pay Gary Lineker's wages?

From April 1st the price of a TV license is going up from £150.50 to £154.50.

Honestly, an extra few quid so you can watch Matt Baker in high definition? No thanks.

The BBC, not content with potentially making the over-75s pay for their TV license instead of getting it free, the Beeb is now making everyone pay.

For a lot of older people, their TV is their only company. They work their whole lives, isn't it the least this country can do to give them free telly?

Also, does anyone else find it staggering that if you're an actual knife wielding criminal, there's every chance you won't get caught by police, but if you don't pay for your TV license they hunt you down like dogs? Strange that.

As things stand, you need a licence if you're planning to watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service, or if you download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer.

But TV Licensing says 296,478 people could escape the hike by renewing their licence the day it expires on March 31st.

Households can pay for or renew their licence on the TV Licensing website, by calling 0300 555 0286 if they're a cash plan customer or 0300 790 0368 if they're a debit card user, or by visiting a PayPoint outlet (debit card users only).

A TV Licensing spokesperson said: "We know people are always looking for ways to make their money go further, which is why we are reminding people to renew their TV Licence before the end of the month.

"We offer a range of ways to spread the cost, including direct debit and weekly cash payments at one of over 28,000 PayPoint outlets around the country."

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