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BBC to door knock over-75's who don't pay license fee

Patrick Christys
Jul 18, 2019

The BBC is planning to harass over-75's who haven't paid their license fee, turning up at their door in a bid to force them to fork out £154.

It's the first time the elderly will be made to pay for their TV license, despite the fact that the BBC is content to pay its top talent millions of pounds a year.

For a lot of old people, the TV is their only company. It might be the only time they hear someone else's voice that day.

But many over-75's also have to count their pennies, especially as energy prices rise and the cost of living goes up as well, so they can least afford to pay the £154.

It's a scandal - the BBC presents itself as a caring broadcaster standing up for marginalised people...but it will happily knock on the door of a dementia-suffering pensioner and try to extract money out of them. Shameless.


Here at A Spokesman Said we started a campaign called I AM SKINTICUS. In the true spirit of Spartacus, we all stand up, old and young, and say NO. I can't pay. I won't Pay. I'm skint. Get stuffed BBC.

To make matters worse, the actual quality of BBC content is appalling. It's just Antiques Roadshow and Springwatch. Terrible. Not worth paying for.

Over-75s who fail to set up payment or prove they receive pension credit will be pursued for the money and could receive a 'support visit' by a new squad of staff, BBC director of policy Clare Sumner announced yesterday. 

Age UK director Caroline Abrahams said: 'The more we hear about how the BBC proposes to run its new scheme from June 2020, the more filled with foreboding we are becoming.

'Unfortunately, these comments today certainly don't correct the impression we are gaining that it's going to be chaos at best and deeply upsetting for some of our oldest people at worst… this situation has all the makings of a slow motion car crash, with many older people inexcusably getting hurt.'  

From June next year, free TV licences will only be given to over-75s who receive pension credit after the BBC said it could not afford to take on the financial burden from the Government.

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