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Beware the latest fraud trick

Patrick Christys
Oct 30, 2019

Beware of the latest trick being used by scammers to get your credit card details and rinse you dry.

As banks become better at detecting credit card fraud, criminals are resorting to less sophisticated methods.

Criminals are impersonating car park attendants and needy members of the public in a bid to steal bank cards, according to UK Finance.

The report follows news that banks are taking additional measures to tighten up on card fraud. 

Fraudsters are impersonating car park attendants tell victims they face a fine and frogmarch them to a card machine. 

The victim is distracted while inserting their card — before it is stolen.

It sounds stupid, but you could easily fall victim to this.

It's simple, if something looks out of the ordinary, it probably is. Don't fall for it. 

Victims are also duped by criminals who pretend they have forgotten their cards and offer cash in exchange for borrowing one. 

UK Finance is urging people to be wary of anyone who makes an approach at a card machine. 

The rudimentary theft tactics are a long way from the hi-tech methods being employed by organised criminals who are hacking into vehicles outside owners' homes.

Keyless motor thefts are mostly responsible for an 8 per cent rise in the number of vehicles stolen in the UK in the last year.

Gangs are employing 'relay theft' tactics that mimic the signal from a key fob to unlock and start modern cars.

These methods can also be used by criminals to steal belongings from inside vehicles, especially those with keyless entry but not keyless ignition.

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