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How to get a great mobile phone deal – in three easy steps

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Nov 3, 2016

We all want the best deal out there on our mobile phones. 

But we’re often amazed here at A Spokesman Said at just how much some people pay.

We’re always saying loyalty doesn’t pay, because it doesn’t.

If you’re willing to pay through the nose, the network providers are only too willing to let you.


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But they do hate to lose a customer, because they have to spend so much on acquiring new ones.

And our process leverages that.

So, here’s our simple three-step tactic – we’ve found it works best to get a great deal with the big networks, the likes of Vodafone and co.

It comes with a few provisos, however.

– You must work this ruse just before your contract is due to expire.

–  Be prepared to leave your current provider.

–  You’ll need a bit of patience.

Ready? Here we go. 


3 steps to get the best mobile phone deal

One: Use our comparison tool to find the best deals on the market 


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If you’ve been on a 12-month or even a 24-month contract, you will probably be stunned at what great deals are out there compared to the one you’re on.  

That’s because networks are fighting like crazy to pick up new customers and a bigger market share.  

Make a note of the best deal there is for your needs and call up your current provider. 

Explain that your contract is coming to an end – do this six weeks to a month before it’s due to expire. 

Say you want to discuss a new package.

They’ll be interested in offering you an ‘upgrade’.

Listen politely, but keep quoting the far better deals you’ve found.

It’s very, very unlikely they will have an offer to match the best you’ve found.

In fact, in our experience, they won’t even come close to matching it.

So, just listen politely and let them run out of offers.

Because we’re not interested at all in these offers. 

(Don't forget you can compare prices for mobile tariffs using our mobile phone comparison tool)

Now move to step two …


Two: Ask for your PAC. 

If you know what this is, skip the next bit.

If you don’t, it’s a good idea to find out.

Your PAC is your Port Authorisation Code, which enables you to move your current number to a new network. 

You simply give it to a new provider and on a given day swap SIM cards in your phone, or swap your phone if you have a minutes and phone package, and your number will work with the new provider.

It’s important to know that your current network MUST provide your PAC; they can’t refuse. 

A PAC is valid for 30 days, after which time it simply expires.If you don’t use it, it doesn’t matter.

If you want to complete the process after 30 days of ordering a code, you’ll need to ask for another. That’s why you only do all this at the end of your contract.

At this stage, for at least a couple of weeks, you’re just going to hang on to your PAC and not use it; but keep a note of the great deals you found elsewhere.

Then you sit back and wait, until step Three …

 Companies will know you're serious about switching when you request your PAC code


Three: Wait for your phone to ring

It’ll be someone from your current provider who’ll tell you they have a little more flexibility on deals than the other people you spoke to.

Is there any way they can persuade you to stay – that kind of stuff.

This is the retentions team. They really want you to stay and they know you’re serious about leaving because you’ve asked for your PAC.

When you do that, you go on to a list and the retentions team steps in. These guys will offer you the very best deal the network can offer.

Tell them about the other deals you’ve found. Explain what you want. Be ambitious, but not silly in what you ask for. 

Say you don’t really want to leave, but, well …

They will do their very best to offer or even beat whatever you tell them, if not always on price, then with a great package/price combo.

They may offer you several free months to bring down the cost over 12 months, and/or a discount on a normal package. 

Now it’s up to you because you won’t get better than this from this network. 

If you accept their offer, it’s very, very important to get them to text or email the details of what you’ve agreed WHILE YOU’RE ON THE PHONE to them. 

This is because you won’t find free months, special discounts and so on detailed in your account online. 


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The agreement can easily get lost and when you phone up no-one seems to know anything about it.

Yes, calls are recorded, but it is a nightmare challenging a conversation and getting a big network to listen to a recorded call.

Trust us, these things happen a lot!

Get it in writing, properly spelled out, there and then.

That’s it. 


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