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Sky Broadband and TV Review

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes
Aug 24, 2016

Since 1990 Sky has been a household name in home entertainment.

Over the years, Sky has won a heap of awards for its innovation in programming, offering its customers access to top-draw content ranging from Sky Atlantic, which broadcasts Game of Thrones, to Sky Sports, which shows the Barclays Premier League.

There’s no doubt about it, Sky is a major player in the TV and broadband market.

But is Sky really all it's cracked up to be. And will it work for you?

Read our review and make your mind up.

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How good is Sky at resolving complaints?

Customers can contact Sky about TV or broadband problems using the company’s online chat.

Reviews online raise concerns that the complaints procedure is slow and laborious, with many feeling that it lacks efficiency and a personal touch.

Sky's website is incredibly extensive when it comes to answering a question or contacting an agent via telephone, email or online chat.

It seems that complaints can take anything up to two months to be fully resolved, although there are some who beg to differ.

Sky says it aims to respond to complaints and agree a resolution within 10 days.

All in all, Sky's complaints procedure does need work, but it is a bit of a mixed bag.

The company does, however, have a 100% response rate on A Spokesman Said.

To submit a complaint about Sky, use our free tool. We're here to help. 


What are the main perks of Sky?

Sky has been an entertainment and telecoms provider for over two decades – so the company knows a thing or two about making a top product.

Sky's award-winning superfast fibre optic broadband may not be quite as swift as Virgin Media's, but it is consistent and performs very well in a household set-up.

The company offers one of the widest ranges of broadband and talk packages, as well as entertainment bundles, in the UK - and for those looking to switch from an existing provider or sign up for the first time, Sky's introductory offers are hard to beat.

These offers include free or half price joining and installation fees, decent monthly discounts on your first 12 to 24 months of membership, free broadband for a year, and additional perks such as pre-paid MasterCards.

In addition to the company's cutting edge SkyQ box bundle, and its tried and tested Sky+ bundle, Sky also boasts its SVoD based Sky Go service.

Sky Go offers all Sky TV customers access to its very best and exclusive content, and it is far more extensive than any of its competitors' offerings, including BT and Virgin Media.

What’s more, you can register up to three devices on your Sky Go account.


Sky’s broadband speeds explained

Sky’s award-winning fibre optic broadband comes in three different tiers:

* Sky Fibre: This comes with a download speed of 38Mb and a monthly usage limit of 25GB.
* Sky Fibre Unlimited: This comes with a download speed of 38Mb and an unlimited monthly usage.
* Sky Fibre Unlimited Pro: This comes with a download speed of up to 76Mb and an unlimited monthly usage.

Although these download speeds are more than acceptable for home and personal use, they do fall short of both BT Infinity and Virgin Media, whose maximum broadband package boasts a download speed of up to 200Mb.


How much does Sky cost?

As with the majority of telecoms providers, phone, television and broadband packages can vary depending on factors like timing and location.

That said, Sky does have its staples.

Sky's standard unlimited broadband and talk package starts from £5 per month for those joining with Sky TV, and it's free for 12 months for those joining without.

After this initial period, the price rises to £10 per month and incurs a Sky line rental of £17.40, which includes free weekend calls - a total of £27.40 per month.

For unlimited broadband and a comprehensive phone line, Sky is slightly cheaper than the likes of Virgin Media which is around £29.99; however, Virgin's broadband is faster.

Sky's original TV bundle weighs in at £20 per month and comes complete with a classic Sky box including catch-up TV, Sky + technology, Sky Go and over 30 channels such as Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, MTV, Gold and Comedy Central.

The company's brand new Sky Q box offers even more recording storage than Sky+, as well as Ultra HD technology.

For £32 per month, you can get a Sky Q bundle which includes over 300 channels, including Sky Sports Mix, all of the Sky classics and Sky Arts, among others.

The only problem is, that to enjoy access to all of Sky's sports and movie channels, additional monthly costs of up to £40 apply.

These bolt-ons send the cost of a Sky TV package into astronomical new heights and value for money begins to dwindle drastically.

And that's before you've even considered talk and broadband.

It is true that Sky offers perhaps the best technology in home entertainment, as well as the best access to exclusive content, but to enjoy it to its full potential, you have to be willing to pay out a small fortune.

It certainly makes Virgin's TiVo service and BT's Total entertainment package seem reasonable. 

Top Tip: If you are thinking about signing up with Sky, periodically check their website, as well as affiliate sites for deals that include incentives like vouchers and free Android tablets.

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Is Sky’s customer service decent?

On the whole, Sky’s customer service does leave a little to be desired, but it receives a low number of complaints compared to some of the other big kids on the block.

Between July and September 2015, Sky's complaints tally (2 per 100,000 customers) was lower than the industry standard, and better than every other major Pay TV providers, according to recent data from Ofcom.

For the same period, Sky’s broadband service received 7 complaints per 100,000 customers – lower than the industry average and beaten only by Virgin Media.

Although the company's website is clear and extensive, its call waiting times are often intolerable, and it can take a while to receive an email response.

Sky's online chat service is fine once you are connected to an agent; however, the waiting time is a lot longer than many of its competitors.


A Spokesman Said's verdict


* Innovative technology
* A huge amount of choice


* Lacking in some areas of customer service
* Expensive TV packages


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