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John Lewis Broadband Review

Dan Hughes

Dan Hughes
Aug 30, 2016

John Lewis is one of the UK's finest retailers, but did you know they provide broadband and phone services?

The luxury retailer is fairly new to the world of broadband, but the service has received a very positive response so far.

John Lewis provide their broadband in conjunction with Plusnet and claim to offer a fine mix of quality product and exceptional customer service.

There’s plenty more on Plusnet in A Spokesman Said’s review.

But name aside, do John Lewis really provide the goods? And will they work for you?

Read our review and find out.

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How good is John Lewis at resolving complaints?

John Lewis is a brand that prides itself on its customer service, and its telecoms branch is no exception.

Customer testimonials online suggest its complaints resolution service is above average.

Although the company has partnered up with Plusnet to provide its broadband and manpower, it does seem that John Lewis customer benefits from a smoother complaints resolution procedure.

Whilst there are question marks over Plusnet’s complaint resolution, it appears that John Lewis can resolve issues in anywhere between three working days and two weeks.

A consumer survey from Which? shows that over half of John Lewis broadband customers would recommend them based on their customer support journey.

Unlike other providers, who tend to focus on live chats, John Lewis still focuses on phone lines as the first and fastest way to contact them.  

The company's online support is well-mapped, clear and easy to understand - and there are two effective ways to file a complaint.

The first is to call John Lewis' 24/7 customer support number and talk to an agent; the second is to 'raise a query' by following the instructions once logged into your customer account. A query is usually answered, and a dialogue started within 24 hours. 

Top Tip: If you do run into any difficulties, or you would like to cross check any information regarding your broadband, you will be able to do so by talking to a Plusnet agent through their online chat service.


What are the main perks of John Lewis?

John Lewis broadband customers benefit from Plusnet's reliable broadband technology, though it is a separate entity.

All of John Lewis' broadband packages come with unlimited usage, as well as free activation and a PC software protection service.

The company offers three solid speak and surf packages and, unlike Plusnet, John Lewis' basic call plan includes free calls to landlines from 7am - 7pm weekdays, in addition to free calls to landlines all weekend.

In fact, John Lewis' call plan received a rather admirable four out of five stars from

John Lewis doesn't offer entertainment packages or TV bundles, which means that it can focus more on the quality of its existing packages, as well as round the clock customer service.

Unlike some of the other big telecoms providers such as TalkTalk, John Lewis doesn't make their customers commit to an 18-month contract, only 12; the company's prices are also the same across the UK and don't differ depending on geographical location.


John Lewis’ broadband speeds explained

The company offers three different tiers of broadband, let’s take a look at them:

Unlimited: unlimited usage with a download speed of 17Mb.

Fibre: unlimited usage with a download speed of 38Mb.

Fibre Extra: unlimited usage with a download speed of 76Mb.

John Lewis’ broadband is reliable, quicker than your average broadband and speed wise, certainly stacks up against the likes of Sky; however it doesn’t quite compare to Virgin whose top broadband speed is a massive 200Mb.

How much does John Lewis cost?

The company offers three solid speak and surf packages which start at £25.50 per month for basic phone and internet and rise to £43 for their fastest Fibre Extra broadband and basic call package.

Although John Lewis' broadband and call packages aren't the cheapest, the service is consistent.

The company's basic broadband package, Unlimited, is free for the first six months and only incurs a line rental of £15.50 during that period. The Fibre and Fibre Extra options are free for the first three months.

It is possible to upgrade your call plan to anytime for an extra £5 per month, and £7 per month from anytime and international, but John Lewis' basic call plan offers such excellent value for money that a bolt-on shouldn't be necessary.

Compared to Virgin, whose line rental comes in at £17.99 for free weekend and evening calls, and Plusnet whose line rental also costs £17.99 with no free call time, John Lewis' call plan is possibly the best among the larger telecoms providers.

Despite a great value call plan, the company doesn't offer any television packages meaning that if you wanted one, you would have to look elsewhere which would drive up your overall monthly costs significantly.

Also, for a similar price, it is possible to enjoy the speed of Virgin's superfast 100Mb broadband service, as well as free evening and weekend calls.

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 Top Tip: According to a source, there is a possibility (although not confirmed) that John Lewis will be offering TV entertainment bundles in the not so distant future, so look out for early bird deals.


Is John Lewis’ customer service decent?

John Lewis broadband doesn't appear in the latest Ofcom report, though according to various consumer reviews, its customer service is excellent.

In addition to a strong customer service recommendation from Which?, testimonials on provide a solid four-star rating for customer attention.

The company doesn't have an online chat service; however, it is quick and easy to carry out tasks and contact an agent through your customer account, and a query is usually picked up within 24 hours.

John Lewis's phone support lines are simple to navigate, open 24/7 and call waiting times are short.

An exceptional level of customer service is par for the course when it comes to a brand like John Lewis.


A Spokesman Said’s verdict


* Top quality customer service
* A competitive call plan


* Not the cheapest provider
* Don’t offer TV entertainment bundles

Perfect customer: A financially comfortable, chatty person or couple, looking for a flawless level of service and a no frills, no fuss broadband connection.

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