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10 top tips for making your holiday money go further

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
Apr 7, 2017

Brits have already been hit by a triple whammy of holiday price-hike pressures sending costs for this summer’s family break through the roof.

First there was the plunge in sterling following the Brexit vote.

Next came a series of terrorist attacks effectively driving thousands of prospective holidaymakers away from previous hotspots – and so putting increased demand (and price pressure) on other destinations perceived as safer.

Then there was this week’s Supreme Court ruling making it illegal for parents to remove their children without authority during term time to take them on holiday.

All of these factors are acting to drive up package holiday prices.

Research has revealed that prices can actually double for the same destination between June (term time) and August (peak when schools are on holiday).

But there are some things you can do to save yourself spending big amounts (for flights and your rights, you need our guide). 

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10 top tips for holiday booking and spending.

Tips to getting the most from your holiday money:

1) When to book

Book early or book late, but either way, be as flexible as possible over destination as well as exactly when you travel.

2) Where to fly from

Pick your departure airport carefully - you can pay big differences according to which one you fly from.

Leeds Bradford International, Cardiff and Bristol have been shown previously to be the most expensive regional airports to fly from.

Don’t just pick the nearest to where you live – you might be able to save by driving a bit further.

3) Put together your own package trip

Put together your own package and book it with a credit card for your own protection.

Make sure you have travel insurance that suits your needs.

Using the internet to look for budget flights and book hotels through third parties is now easy, if you’re prepared to spend a little time at the computer.

You might be surprised that you can even beat package prices .

You’ll certainly be able to create more flexibility.

4) Where to holiday

Consider destinations that are not yet as popular as those that are more established.

Perhaps Albania instead of Greece, Croatia instead of Spain?

Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s worth looking into.

Perhaps also look at destinations that have fallen out of favour because of security fears and consider how high the danger really is.

Always follow Foreign and Commonwealth advice, however.

5) Exchange rates - can you beat them?

Check exchange rates and look at destinations where the pound has held up reasonably well.

Unfortunately, many of them are a little further afield, such as South Africa and destinations in Asia.

6) Currency alerts

Set up a currency alert with an online currency provider to alert you to the best time to buy when the rate moves in your favour.

7) Don't leave currency to the last minute

Don’t leave sorting out your foreign currency until the last minute.

Exchange rates at the airport are especially punitive.

8) Watch out for the double exchange rip off

Once you’re abroad, watch out for the double exchange rip off.

If you let the seller in a shop or restaurant covert the price back into sterling, they will choose their own exchange rate and you’ll be likely to lose out big time.

9) What card should you use?

Taking debit and credit cards on holiday is a good back up but watch out for ATM and transaction fees as well as the exchange rate you’ll get.

10) Find a good credit card deal

Apply for a credit card that doesn’t charge an additional fee for foreign transactions – Halifax and Santander both offer these cards.


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