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Elderly should refuse to pay BBC TV licence

Patrick Christys
Jun 11, 2019

The BBC are criminalising old people by forcing them to pay the licence fee or risk going to jail. 

That's right, the state broadcaster is scrapping the free licence fee for over-75's in a desperate attempt to raise it can pay people like Fiona Bruce huge sums of money.

Well, why don't the four million elderly people with a TV license just stop paying it? They can't send them all to jail! 

The idea that the elderly, who are often lonely, will now have to fork out £154.50 every year just to watch programmes like Bargain Hunt or Casualty is an abomination.

All the while, they pay their top talent millions of pounds to sit on a couch an trip over themselves to not offend anyone. Pathetic. 

Gary Linekar trousers the best part of a couple of million quid a year so he can sit in a studio opposite Alan Shearer and explain the offside rule.

And what about Newsnight's Emily Maitlis? She'd bring a tear to a glass eye and gets rich while she does it.

Let's start the campaign: Don't Pay Your TV License! Let's watch what happens - there'll be riots if the elderly get sent to jail.

Who's with us?

Well, actually, around 100,000 people already agree with us as two petitions, one by Age UK and one on the Parliamentary website (see here - have already amassed loads of signatures.

Will we see the BBC's Director General come out and take the flack for this? Absolutely not, because the only time they're ever interviewed is by one of their own brown nosed employees and even then they're only asked questions like: "What are you most proud of?" or "Would you say increasing the number of women in high paid jobs is something that makes you very, very happy?" Pathetic.

I wouldn't mind forking out £154-a-year if the content was good - but two nights ago I had a straight choice between Springwatch and Eastenders for my teatime viewing. Springwatch included a segment on a bloke who looked like a scout leader foraging for small birds in the undergrowth at Reading Service Station. No thanks. 

The BBC is dead. Stop paying the licence fee - it's not worth it. 


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