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Walkers crisps crushed by A Spokesman Said customers in scathing reviews

Patrick Christys
Apr 24, 2019

Walkers crisps are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of A Spokesman Said contributors, who have written in to complain about everything from their flavour to the company's overuse of Match of the Day host turned political activist, Gary Lineker.

Supermarket aisles are packed to the brim with Walkers crisps, with flavours ranging from the classic 'ready salted' to the more daring, arguably overly adventurous 'cajun squirrel' offering.

But people have been writing to us in their droves to voice their displeasure with Walkers - and it turns out there are more varieties of complaint than there are flavours of crisp.

Susan led the charge, saying: "I think it's appalling that Walkers crisps use a high profile celebrity as part of their advertising to promote their products (Crisps).

"I believe all companies who use these people should also employ only those who have no political agendas or beliefs which they want to impose on others. Nor should they be in a position to offend the public for their political beliefs.

"I will no longer purchase Walkers products until this matter has been resolved. And I'll also actively encourage others to do the same."

This appears to be a reference to the fact Gary Lineker, famed for winning the Golden Boot at the 1986 World Cup and, to a lesser extent, defecating in his own shorts during a match against Ireland in the 1990 World Cup, is also a prominent political activist on Twitter.

The former Spurs striker has been outspoken in his support for remaining in the European Union and makes no attempt to hide his political opinions online. 

But it's not just 'the Gary Lineker factor' that's annoying Walkers customers. 

And there is a certain irony in a man who is desperately carving out a career as a liberal political commentator advertising a product that's not exactly the healthy option and comes encased in plastic.

An irony not lost on Wendy, who said: "Do Walkers consider themselves exempt from reducing plastic. Half a pack of crisps need smaller bags."

Jodie wrote in saying the crushing disappointment of a Walkers multipack has left her questioning several areas of her life.

She said: "I have literally just purchased a multi pack of quavers stating 12+2 free which is 14 bags & i only received 7...I'm genuinely not impressed especially given the size of ur company.

"This has really made me question how many things in life am I taking a company's word for that the stated number is actually there???"

Ruth also got in touch to express concern about the packaging, saying: "I opened up a big bag of walkers French fries this morning and half of them was already open where they had not been sealed properly on the machine so I'm not happy with this at all get your act together."

Sarah added: "My cheese and onion crisp were more like plain crisps no flavour wot so ever am totally disappointed."

So there we have it. A Spokesman Said customers have spoken and we have listened. We've contacted Walkers to put these complaints to them and we await a response - maybe Gary Lineker can address it on his next episode of Match of the Day.

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