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How to avoid Sky's price hike

Patrick Christys
Mar 12, 2019

Sky customers have been given the devastating (if not slightly predictable news) that their bills will be going up from April 1st.

It could see customers charged around £42 extra, which has led to many people wanting to cancel their subscription. 

But if you're concerned about the price hike, here's how you could get around it and actually save hundreds of pounds in the process:


Just imagine you're at a market in Morocco - haggling is always the best option.

Ring up and say you are a loyal Sky customer and that you don't want to pay extra. 

Research shows that Sky customers who don't haggle are paying an average of £1,050-a-year, but the current cheapest combined deal from Sky is £30 a month, or £360-a-year.

That's an annual difference of £690, so ask Sky to put you on that deal and threaten to walk away if they don't.

Customers have told The Sun that they've had huge success by haggling - with one user says he saved a whopping £564 a year.

He wrote: "Called up Sky to "cancel" - after speaking to 4 advisors, I came off the phone with a £102 package for £55 inc all channels except sport, boxsets, Sky Go Plus, Sky Cinema and fibre broadband.

"Customer retention department: “Blimey, you like to haggle don’t you”..."


If you really aren't satisfied with Sky and you can't negotiate a better deal, then just quit.

You can get 70 channels of Freeview and that comes included with most modern TVs.


If you're signed up to Netflix AND Sky then make sure you're not paying for the same service twice.

Sky added Netflix to its Sky Q set-top box for the first time last November. This means if you've got a Netflix account, you can now play it through Sky.

If you basically only watch Netflix shows that are available on Sky, just cancel Sky and stick with Netflix.

The same goes for Amazon Prime customers - there's no point paying for a Sky subscription that you barely use.

So there are the three main ways you can avoid paying through the nose for Sky TV when they hike their prices from April 1st.

One Spokesman Said customer told us about their awful experience trying to ditch Sky - have a read and see if this sounds like you...

They said: "Last night one of our customers spent upwards of an hour, at your own expense, trying to navigate the treacle covered labyrinth that is Sky's exit pathway.

"The multi-national behemoth is increasing TV, broadband and phone bills for millions of customers from April 1st.

"So prices are rising by an average of 5.1%. A price hike of 5.1% so I can watch Kay Burley in high definition? No thanks. 

"It's ironic that Sky have a campaign out against plastics in the ocean - let's hope Kay never goes swimming.

"So there our customer is, thinking 'actually, I don't fancy paying through the nose to watch Kay Burley's face on my plasma telly, I quite fancy cancelling this subscription'.

"They ring up, and are passed from pillar to post for an extortionate amount of time.

"You ring up, and you have the dubious pleasure of listening to what sounds like elevator music from a hotel in early-1960's Cuba, before a robot (possibly Theresa May, we can't be sure), gives you a list of options.

"This culminates in you speaking to a slightly less robotic man from what sounds like the Milton Keynes area who is trained in 50 different ways to make your life more difficult.

"You get passed on to someone else who has obviously had the same training as the Milton Keynes chap before.

"Then, like the last level on an old video game, you face 'the boss'. 'The boss', in this case, is someone on a different continent.

"It's only after shouting at a man in India that, finally, you get to cancel your subscription."

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