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Which travel companies are the biggest rip-off merchants?

Patrick Christys
Jul 25, 2019

The school holidays are upon us, which can mean only one thing: You've had to pay an extortionate amount of money to go on holiday.

Ever since parents started to be criminalised for taking their children away during term time, travel companies have had us all by the knackers.

They can charge whatever they want because they know that anybody with a family will HAVE to travel during a fixed summer window.


These companies claim it's just 'supply and demand'...whatever! It's a rip off. It's about time we all started holidaying in the UK!

Anyway, The Telegraph have published a list of the holiday companies who hike their prices the most. Here it is:

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Abta, the travel association that represents British tour operators, said the prices were down to supply and demand. A spokesperson said: "Many people in the UK and across Europe take holidays during the peak periods of July and August, which is also when most schools are on holiday.

"This further increases demand for a limited number of hotel rooms and flight seats, therefore prices rise.

"The best way for families to ensure an affordable holiday, with the greatest choice, is to book early: package tour operators offer free child places for early bookers and lower fares for children.

"If holidaymakers can be flexible about their travel arrangements, for example selecting a holiday with different departure or destination airport or a different departure date, they may also find cheaper deals."


Abta said staggering school holiday dates, something it has suggested in the past to little success, would help “alleviate sharp peaks and spread demand over a longer period of time”. 

The high cost of family travel in the summer goes some way to explain why there was a 93 per cent increase this year in parents being dealt fines - up to £120 per child - for taking their children out of school for term-time holidays. This is despite a Supreme Court ruling in 2017 that parents can be prosecuted for taking term-time holidays. 

Have you been ripped off? Complain at A Spokesman Said now.

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