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Victory! eDreams customer gets ‘hidden’ charge refunded after A Spokesman Said highlights his case

Robin Bowman

Robin Bowman
May 8, 2015

Delighted David McLean has declared victory after receiving a refund from eDreams just two days after contacting A Spokesman Said.

David, from Brixton, South London, highlighted the problem of what seemed to be hidden service charges when buying air tickets through the online broker.

When he booked flights to Spain David had expected to pay the amount next to the word “Total” on the eDreams website.

But he was wrong.

When he was sent confirmation of his purchase, David found he’d been charged an extra £46 for his tickets to Reus with no explanation.

And, when he twice emailed eDreams to find out why he was being charged over £276 for his £230 tickets, he met a stony wall of silence.

Until, that is, we featured his complaint.

After that, eDreams lost no time in getting in touch with him.

And, while the Barcelona-based company maintained its system was clear and fair, even so, it decided to refund the charge David insists was not mentioned during the buying process.

“It said the total price was £230.97,” said David.     



Above: the confirmation David received of the total price. 

“The word ‘total’ means just that! That is what I pay at the end of the process. If it was a sub-total before other charges this should be made clear. 

“When I had entered my debit card details the window asked me to confirm my purchase at a price of £230.97.  

“This window gave a breakdown of the purchase price, explaining in detail how the total sum was made up.

“This I checked before confirming my purchase and found it to be correct. It mentioned one single service charge of £22.99 followed by an eDreams reduction of £22.99.   That is clear enough and leaves no doubt. 

“There was a big yellow thing saying PURCHASE which I clicked on to confirm my purchase.”

But when David was sent confirmation of his purchase, he found he’d been charged an extra £46 for his tickets.

And while he feels annoyed that eDreams have not explained why he was not shown the extra charge in the ‘total’ when it appeared, he is grateful that at least it has been refunded.

After our blog appeared, eDreams wrote to David: “As a commercial gesture and for this particular case, we will process the refund of our service fees. The refund has been requested and you should receive it in the next few days.”

David told A Spokesman Said: “That was quick and thank you for blogging my story. Shows what a worthwhile job you do!  I’m very glad I found your website.”


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