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Christmas on a budget – make great gifts affordable by switching energy supplier, plus car and home insurance

Davis Budd
Dec 13, 2017

Everyone deserves something special to unwrap at Christmas, but high prices can make the season expensive.

There are heaps of great presents out there, from smart new technology like the Echo from Amazon, to revamped throwbacks like the new Nintendo Classic edition.

But the hottest gifts can cost you a fortune, and quickly blow a hole in your budget.

Don’t worry though - switch your energy, car or home insurance and you can save big. Enough to buy presents to keep everyone happy this Christmas.


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An Energy switch could save you £308*
A Car insurance switch could save you £200*
A Home insurance switch could save you £62*

We’ve put together a list of terrific gifts you can buy with all the money you save – with just a few quick switches, you’ll easily afford them.



You could save up to £308* with an energy switch, here’s what you can do with the cash:


Amazon Echo Dot, £49.99, Amazon

A smart gift everyone will love. The echo responds to your voice commands, answers questions, plays music, and much more.


LEGO Star Wars the Last Jedi Toy, £84.99, Amazon

Keep the kids happy with this toy from the classic movie franchise.





Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition, £79.99, B&H

This retro game system will give anyone who was playing Super Mario in the 90s a smile from ear to ear.





Krups Nespresso Mini Coffee machine, £69.99, Currys PC World

This little espresso machine will make everyone's mornings easier. 




TOTAL: £284.96

You can bag these great gifts for the family, and still afford a few for friends.



You could save £200* by switching your car insurance. That pile of pounds could get you some awesome presents:


Roadsterz 6v Electric Quad Bike, £35, Halfords

This sporty electric bike will let your kids or grandkids ride around in style.




Beats by Dre EP On-Ear Headphones, £67.99, Argos

A gift for the music lover in your family, these headphones give you a crisp sound.




12 Tube Whisky Tasting Collection, £63.50, Tasting Collection

If you’ve got a taste for fine whisky, a car insurance switch could buy you this collection of treats.



Cozy Microwaveable Boots, £18.99,

These boots will keep you warm this winter, and they won’t cost you much.



TOTAL: £185.48

You can bag all these great gifts, and still have enough left over to afford a few mince pies!


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You could save up to £62* with a home insurance switch. This extra cash could help you afford some nifty stocking stuffers.


Mini Desk Arcade Game, £17.99, IWOOT

A perfect desk toy for a game lover, or someone who just needs a break from work.



Clever Kids’ colouring book, £15.66,

Buying a gift for a smart kid can be tough, but a simple book like this can do the trick without costing a fortune.



Swell white marble drinking bottle, £25.00, John Lewis

Perfect for any exercise lover, this is the hottest bottle out there right now.  



TOTAL: £58.65

You could stuff a stocking full, and have a few pounds left over for your piggy bank.


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*Energy Savings: Based on the average price of a standard variable tariff from the six large suppliers, which as of October is £308 more than the cheapest deal on the market, according to Ofgem. 

*Car Savings: 51% of consumers could save £200, based on UK insurance market share data made available by the ABI. The savings you could achieve are dependent on your individual circumstances and how you selected your current insurance supplier.

*Home Savings: Analysis from financial services research experts Consumer Intelligence shows that people could save an average of £62 on home insurance after they have been with the same insurer for three years.

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