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Tips for how renters can save money on energy bills

Victoria Arrington
Mar 13, 2018

Everyone knows that renting can be expensive - and it seems to be getting more so everyday.

To add to that, increasing energy bills can push the dream of home ownership further and further away.

But don't fear - there are plenty of easy ways you can save on your energy bills, even as a renter.

And with your potential savings, consider what you could put that money towards – who knows, they may even end up being a part of the deposit you one day use to purchase a home of your own.


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Renter’s Tip #1: Switch energy suppliers

This is the most obvious and the easiest saving.

Switching energy can save you about £300, according to Ofgem. But there are plenty of examples of people who saved even more!

Switching is incredibly easy and only takes a few minutes - see how much you can save on your energy bill.

If your name is on a bill, and you pay the bill directly, it is generally considered that you are eligible to switch energy suppliers. That means you have the power to choose the supplier who can provide you with the best deal.

A notable exception however is if you pay your landlord directly for energy – for instance, if it is included in the cost of your rent.

It’s worth checking either way - especially considering how much you can save.

No matter what you do, be sure to check your tenancy agreement, and to speak with your landlord, to make sure you are acting within their wishes.


Renter’s Tip #2: Keep as much heat in as possible

Heating a home can be costly, so it is worth doing all you can to keep as much warmth in as possible. And it doesn't have to be expensive and complicated.

For instance, you can get a temporary window "glazing" film. You could also purchase heat-retaining curtains, which can be hung either on a temporary rod, or with your landlord’s permission, a more permanent rod.

Also remember to block all window and door draughts, and to close the door to any unused sections of your home.


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Renter’s Tip #3: Bring down that boiler temperature

If you have access - and permission - to adjust your boiler’s temperature, consider lowering it by a few degrees.

You may not even notice the difference in heating - especially as the weather warms up outside - but a single degree of difference could save you £80 a year.

Of course, make sure to be courteous if adjusting your boiler. If you share it with neighbours, it is best practice to speak to them in advance, and to get their okay to do so.

Also, seek out your landlord’s permission – they may even be willing to assist.


Renter’s Tip #4: Pick an energy efficient rental

This is the extra for experts.

Consider checking out the energy efficiency rating before you rent.

Under UK law, most rentals must have an energy performance certificate, which rates the efficiency of the home on a chart.

If you want to keep your energy costs as low as possible, aim for band A – which means your home is ultra-efficient, and may incur lower bills than those on lower bands, even with the same location and square footage.


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