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Top six ways to save on energy - Lower your bills for free

Victoria Arrington
Feb 8, 2018

When you think of ways to cut down your energy bills, you may start thinking of double glazing, insulation, or installing a new boiler – all things that may save you thousands in the long run, but could also initially cost you thousands.

Fortunately, there are many things you can do to lower your bills that won’t cost you a penny.

Here are six great ways that could lower your bills energy for free – and may even end up saving you money in other areas of your budget, such as on groceries.


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1. Be under less pressure

As invigorating as a power shower may be, the energy needed to heat and generate all that pressure can be more than you realise.

Instead, consider lowering the pressure, or taking shorter showers. As a bonus, you may save on your water bills as well.


2. Turn it down a tad

Just how hot does your boiler actually need to be?

Each degree you lower your thermostat can result in a saving of £80 a year, according to the Energy Saving Trust.

Lower it by 3 degrees, and that could add up to £240!

You may not even notice the difference, particularly if you live in a more mild region of the country, or if you heat with electric radiators.


3. Dress for the occasion

When the temperature drops, reach for your warmest clothes.

It can be surprising how much difference a decent jumper and a blanket can make when it comes to keeping warm – and keeping both the thermostat and your heating bills as low as possible.


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4. Be clever when you cook

We all have to eat, but if you plan ahead and cook in bulk, you could save on energy, your food bills, and time - a triple win.

Consider cooking several things at once in the oven (your dinner at the same time as those cookies). Also, if the oven is going to be on for an extended time, maybe lower the thermostat accordingly to compensate for the added heat.

Top tip: make sure you use the right size hob ring you can for the pan you are using, to make sure you are cooking as efficiently as possible.

Finally, when it’s time to storing food to be eaten later, try to fill up any empty space in your fridge or freezer – not only does this remove the temptation for takeaways, it also makes your fridge/freezer use less energy.


5. Don’t 'standby' me

Want a really easy way to potentially lower your energy bills that will hardly affect your life?

Fully switch off any device or appliance you are not using.

Sounds incredibly obvious right?

Perhaps, but it may be a shock how much an average household wastes on devices left on standby.

Over the course of a year, this can add up to £30 spent on standby – without much to show for it. So, consider aiming to always switch off at the mains when possible.


6. Switch energy suppliers

Last but certainly not least: this may offer the most dramatic savings AND may also be the easiest.

By switching energy suppliers, you could cut your energy bills by more than £300 a year.

AND it’s free and only takes a few minutes.

Unlike most products gas and electricity is gas and electricity wherever you get it from – there is no difference in quality - the only difference is the supplier’s brand.

Find out how much you could save on energy.

All you need is your postcode to begin seeing how much money you could save – which could well prove to be in the hundreds of pounds.


Go out and save

If you spend just a few minutes doing all of the above, you could be rewarded with massive savings on your energy bills - without spending a penny.

Consider getting started with quick and easy methods that could make a big impact – such as switching energy, or slightly adjusting your boiler.


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