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Bring back Jeremy Kyle

Patrick Christys
May 21, 2019

More than 35,000 people have signed a petition to bring back The Jeremy Kyle Show.

The daytime hit, which attracted millions of viewers every week, was canned after a man killed himself following an appearance on the programe. 

Steve Dymond was the man's name. He was 63-years-old and he reportedly called the show more than 300 times before coming on, failing a lie detector test and watching his ex-partner walk away for good.

He was also, according to his ex, a paedophile and prolific liar who killed himself in order to avoid details of his sordid life escaping into the public domain.

And this is the issue: Is it fair that the TV execs at ITV, the over-promoted Islington dwelling upper middle classes, get to cancel a show that raked in more than a million weekly viewers, because one man with a dodgy past killed himself? 

There are thousands of reasons why somebody may commit suicide. I've thought of doing it after most episodes of Newsnight.

It may well turn out that Jeremy Kyle's aftercare team was just a one work experience lad following the wishes of an overeager, ratings hungry producer. I doubt it, but that could be the case.

But, regardless, what's happening here is the kind of middle class 'we know best', 'our moral compass is bigger than yours' snobbery that brought you such things as having no winners and losers at primary school sports days.

The fact is, The Jeremy Kyle Show gave a voice to many of the people at the bottom of society's ladder. People who can't afford expensive therapists, who weren't given a great education or any start in life.

And it's been taken off air to be replaced by something like Dickinson's Real Deal followed by Loose Women, a show where people can come on, rant, rave, cry, pour their hearts out, make total fools of themselves and generally be as sensational as possible in order to boost ratings...but that's fine.

That's fine because they're middle class and intelligent enough to know what they're doing, or so the argument goes.

If we're going to cancel a TV show because a man whose ex-partner claims was a paedophile, liar and serial love rat  kills himself for failing a lie detector on a show he demanded to come on in the first place, how long is it before every programe is off air?

If Mr Dymond had topped himself after watching a particularly emotive rendition of Phantom of the Opera, would Andrew Lloyd Webber be in the dock? Nope.

Cancelling the Jeremy Kyle Show is simply yet another example of well-to-do members of society deciding what's best for people lower down the ladder than themselves.

In doing so, they've deprived millions of people of having a forum to discuss their issues, to watch people with problems just like them on the TV.

Bring back Jeremy Kyle. Boot out those patronising boffins in suits with a moral compass so overinflated you could cling onto it as you swam across the Channel. 

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